New motorcycle!


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Mar 23, 2015
Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Congrats! My first bike was a Honda 400 as well; went with the "sport" version rather than the "custom" you have. While I like the looks, the higher, pull-back bars and general seating position of the C make a small bike feel even smaller.

And make no mistake; you will feel cramped and underpowered in probably no more than a few weeks. I'm an inch shorter than you, and I always felt like a Great Dane trying to mount a Dachshund when I got on that bike. :)

I think you will find a more "standard" riding position more comfortable, especially for longer rides.

Now, repeat after me: My bike has taken its last ride on a trailer. From now on, anywhere I take it...I will ride it there! :)
Ha. Good recitation. Yeah I am trying to figure out what bike I will upgrade to. What bikes have you ridden that you like?

I don’t mind the seat height on this 400 but could definitely use more leg room. More power will also be nice. It is a good practice bike for learning the basics. Also good for my wife to practice on for the short term as well.


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Mar 29, 2019
Manitoba, Canada
The bikes I found most comfortable were all configured in what we used to call a "standard" set-up; not too far in the custom/stepped-seat/high-bars/highway-pegs direction, but equally as far from the "cafe racer" style where your butt is almost level with your head. :)

I loved my Kawasaki GPz750 (the original, which was much more "standard" than the later crotch-rocket versions). I briefly owned a Honda CB900SS that was probably the best seating position of the bunch, but had it stolen only a few weeks after I got it so didn't really get to know it. And my Yamaha Seca650 was comfortable enough that I took it on a tour from Ontario to BC, camping along the way. No fairing; the bars were just low enough that the wind helped pick me up a bit and made highway speeds very comfortable. Terrific bike, totally trouble-free, smooth, fast enough, comfortable...if it had been red it would have been perfect.

Mind you, once I got there, the original plan...i.e. to see the coast and then ride back to modified a bit. I sold the bike and flew home! :) I was young, dumb and full of...ambition...but I wasn't up to another stint across the prairies on any bike.
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