Our Biggest Black Friday Event Starts Soon!


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Feb 11, 2023
Black Friday is just a few days away, and we want to give you a little peek at some of what we have in store fish-wise for everyone! Let us help you freshen up your aquariums this holiday season with what will be our biggest Holiday sale yet at Global Fish.

We've spent the last week getting things lined up and making sure the store is packed to the brim! From Tetras to Tigrinus and everything in between, we are sure to have something for everyone. We will have discounts on the entire store, red ticket pricing, and new fish arriving daily all weekend long. Keep an eye out for more information over the next few days!

We will also be doing numerous raffles on both dry goods and livestock credit to the first 100 orders placed, so don't let all that turkey get to you and make sure you show up early. We will be opening at 10 AM on Friday, and are expecting a big turnout!

XL Orino Peacock Bass 14"
XL Xingu Peacock Bass 14"
XL Jaguar Cichlid 12-14"
XL SB Goldenbase Flowerhorn 6-7"
Pure Black Diamond Stingray (Male) 7-8"
Barramundi 3"
Silver Datnoid 4.5-5"
Tiger Oscar 2"
Albino Tiger Oscar 2"
Clown Knife 5-6"
Red Hook Silver Dollars 2"
Tiger Striped Silver Dollars 4"
Frontosa 1.5"
Red Frontosa 1.5"
Albino Brichardi Cichlid 1.5-1.75"
Tropheus duboisi 1"
Marbled Fenestratus 1"
Festae Cichlid 1"
Salvini Cichlid 1.25"
Polleni Cichlid 1.25"
Motaguense Cichlid 1.25"
Loiselle Cichlid 1.25"
Red Head Tapajos Geophagus 1.25"
Albino Heckelii Geophagus 1.25"
Red Spotted Severum 2"
Mixed Malawi Cichlid 1.25"
Roseline Barb 2"
Gold Roseline Barb 2-2.5"
Needle Fish 5-6"
Yo-Yo Loach 1.25"
Albino Senegal Polypterus 3"
Retroculus Lapidifer 1"
Synodontis petricola 1"
Longfin Albino Corydoras 1"
Honeycomb Bristlenose Pleco 3"
LDA33 Snowball Pleco 3"
L273 Yellow Titanic Pleco 3.5-4"
L137 Blue Eye Red Fin Pleco 3"
Assorted Discus 2"
Silver Tip Tetra .75"
Yellow Tip Congo Tetra 1.5"
Ember Tetra 1"
Serpae Tetra .75"
Black Phantom Tetra .75"
Neon Tetra 1"
Albino Glo Light Tetra .75"
Paskai Rainbow Fish .75"
Gertrudae Rainbow Fish .75"
Gardneri Killifish (Male) 1.5"
Koi Betta Females 1.25"
Alien Bettas (Green and Blue) 1.25"
Dwarf Mexican Orange Crayfish 1"
Amano Shrimp 1"
Mixed Nerite Snail 1"​

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