Peacock Eel suddenly dead


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Sep 30, 2018
Hi everyone

I‘ve had a small peacock eel I got from a breeder about 9 months ago with a size of 4cm. Since then he‘d grown to 10cm, fed bloodworms every second day and occasionally white worms, tubifex and small earthworms. Tank is a 33g he‘s been inhabitating with a zebra spiny eel and a couple of kuhli loaches. The tank is planted and has bogwood and very very small round gravel mixed with sand.
Tank has been up and running for one and a half years. The case of ich I thought I had was none, thankfully (last year, just me panicking)

Yesterday evening I fed both eels and they were active and happily wriggling around, this morning I find him lying dead on the ground, belly full - just dead. He was beautifully colored, steadily growing and the tank upgrade is already in the garage.

Since he was easily spooked sometimes I assume he got spooked by something and ran into the glass?
I‘ve had a thorough look at him after he died and could find no parasites, no injuries, just a beautifully colored eel - except for him being dead.

Any ideas?
I did a 50% water change this morning to keep my zebra safe.
We are currently under a heatwave and the tank is at an unusual 28C at the moment. Maybe this weakened him?

I‘d like to hear your opinion, even if it says that I just had some dumb luck :/

Kind Regards


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Dec 24, 2005
Hard to say the cause but could be trauma. Something internal that not visibly seen. Sorry for the loss.
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