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Jul 13, 2006
Hello MFK,
Just making a post to let everyone know what's going on with the contests. kno4te kno4te I are going to be taking over the Tank and Photo of the Month contests. We are going to alternate, he will post POTM and I will do TOTM. Since February was POTM, and March wasn't held, we will be starting April off with TOTM.

SCHEDULE- We will do the schedule slightly different than before. On the first (or beginning) of each month, we will make a post and start accepting entries for that month's contest. On the 15th, or midway through the month, entries will be closed, and the poll will be posted. No late entries can be added after the poll is posted. Voting will take place for two weeks, and on the 30th (or end of month) the winner will be announced. Then entries for the next contest will be opened, and so on.

ENTRIES- All entries must be sent to this address:

RULES- All the same rules still apply; please review them here: POTM/TOTM Contest Rules

Remember, if you won POTY or TOTY in 2018, you cannot enter in that contest type again for 2019.
Also, you cannot re-enter the same photo or tank for the same contest type in the same year. So, if you enter a photo for POTM and don't win, you cannot re-enter that same photo for POTM in two months.

You can all start sending in your photos for April Tank of the Month. Please put "APRIL TANK OF THE MONTH" or similar in the subject. If you previously sent it for march please re-send it now, as I will be taking entries for this contest by looking at the dates photos were sent.

Any questions, let me or kno4te kno4te know.
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