Rare Fish pictures and Instagram link!


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Mar 14, 2005
Fish Heaven
Shameless self promotion of our Instagram and facebook pages for more recent updates and pictures


Original photos from when we first started!

For the facebook users, some shared info/videos/ pictures found online!

I started keeping fish around the age of 5., had 2 gold fish, one jumped out and I cried. We later moved to Hong Kong and I grew up going to the "gold fish street" at least 2-3 times a week. As I grew older and bolder, my parents were having a hard time locating me. I once took lunch money and bought a net and critter cage, skipped school to go into the mountains to catch gobies and shrimps.

I first started importing fish in 1998. I even recently found an email from a customer on some tiger fish that I sent him back in 1998. @ 1999 I flew to Canada on multiple occasions to get fish from Oliver Lucanus.

2003 I opened up my first retail brick and mortar store called "Rare Fish" Sold it after 3 years, right before the economy took a dump. We continue to import from all around the world until today focusing primarily on new and uncharted territory.