Rio Cabuya Siquia and Honduran Red Point Pics

NW Cichlid Keith

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Jun 6, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia
My male HRP and female Rio Cabuya siquia have a thing for each other. When I place them w/ multiple of their own species, they do nothing. As soon as I place them back in the same tank, they get busy. If it is that devoted, who am I to keep them separated. I don't protect the fry, but one lived in a crowed tank. He is not that old and is already a full 6" and not slowing down - much bigger than either of his parents. I just placed him in a 300 w/ his dad and his dad is the only fish he picks on - ungrateful SOB

Hybrid 1.JPG

Hybrid 2.JPG

Hybrid 3.JPG

Hybrid 4.JPG

Hybrid 5.JPG

Hybrid 6.JPG
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Redtail Catfish
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Dec 4, 2017
Is it just me or do hrps like breeding with anything but other hrps?
I've seen them breed with nanolutea, sajica, all other convict locales, cutteri, myrnae, etc...
Perhaps whatever environmental pressures they had in rio los almendros forced them to breed out traits in males that females of the species (as a whole) instinctually find desirable.
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