Rules for the "General Critique" section


Jack Dempsey
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Jan 18, 2005
Maryland, USA
******** Please present 1 photograph per topic ********

It is also recommended that when you post a photo in the Critique Forums that you include information about the shot. Camera, Lens, Flash or No Flash, Shooting Mode, Shutter Speed, F/stop, etc. This information will prompt more precise replies from those critiquing the image.

Those looking for a more in-depth analysis/comments/feedback of a particular piece of work, we are proud to introduce the Critique Corner.

The Critique Corner will give members

- An opportunity to showcase one particular piece of work amongst like-minded hobbyists
- A dedicated environment to discuss the finer aspects of composition and style
- An avenue to explore technicalities with reference to a particular work

We are confident that the new arrangements will foster quality interaction amongst our member and look forward to your support.
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