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Jun 19, 2007
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aldiaz33 aldiaz33 , thanks for the very detailed info on your new solar setup including costs. I hope to hear updates on how it's working out for you in the coming years. It also helps to make it more worthwhile due to your sunny location and generally nice weather throughout the year.

It may seem like an odd question but do you need to add the solar panel equipment to your homeowner's insurance just in case there is damage to the system whether it be weather related, accidental or vandalism?
Happy to share any updates/developments. I don't anticipate anything newsworthy. I know lots of people who have had systems for many years and they've run flawlessly; no issues at all. I will say that it's been awesome setting the A/C pretty much as cold as we want it during heat waves without worrying about our power bill. Same for running my pool pump (I used to run it only 3 hours/day, but I set it for 8 hours now and the water has never looked better).

That we're spoiled with relatively nice weather year round definitely helps. No snow to block the sun where I live.

In regards to insurance, coverage will be carrier-specific (so you'll want to check your specific policy), but in my case, a PV solar system is considered a permanent attachment to the structure of my home and therefore covered. You may want to increase your overall coverage limit to account for the added value of the system in case of a catastrophic event where you lose everything.
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