Stingray Pups Care - Tips & Tricks


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Sep 22, 2009
Great thread,I just had my first pups, 2 made it an did not. ! Male and 1 female .. My tank is a 260 and parents and pups together. The rays were raised on pellets and do not seem to bother the pups as they have swam by all of them. Born last night, I actually saw the mating and we were watching for pups ever since. Will post pictures soon. Is there a problem with keeping together in same tank? Male does not show signs of aggression.


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Feb 9, 2012
West Jordan Utah
This is what I did for my pups. Its best in my opinion so you can work on feeding them well and not have the other rays bother them. This pup tub is 36x18x15, its got about 150 holes on the sides. And 12 holes on the bottom. Then I have one of my return water jets pointing directly into it. The pups love to go surf in it for hours and it supplies lots of fresh water to the tub. I put holes in the bottom on the edges in a few places so if they dont eat food and push it around for a while it will fall into the main tank area and my other fish can eat it or it will get to the filtration. This way I can add lots of food and ever worry about sucking it out or worry about it going bad. It wont last that long.


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Jul 18, 2007
hey now i have read all... why this isn't mentioned?? why can't the pups touch air when after born few hours later?? i'm not sure if my pups ever out of water when transfered but why can't they be out of water?? i have 3 batches of rays and i have never lost a pup by out of water after birth but i have lost pups due to over feeding which foul water....


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Apr 20, 2014
This just happened to me:

I bought a pair of motoros off of cl (about 5 hours ago), I noticed that the female (about 22") looked pregnant but I didn't give much thought into it (I assumed she ate too much, thats what the seller said). Got the pair home and I see 2 small pups swimming in the water, I kid you not! I really didn't expect this and atm I didn't know what to do, I mean, how many of you guys have had experience in a ray giving birth during transport?! It made sense to me later because the female was stressed out and couldn't help the birthing process. But for me... Lets just say that I'm still very startled! So what I did was:
I took about an hour to introduce them into my tank (Didn't expose the pups to air)... Hopefully that is enough, there are two pups (females) so far. Both the parents are at the same spot for the last hour, so I'm assuming (hoping) that they are stressed out due to the whole situation.... But in my opinion they look healthy and good (Male about 14" and female about 22"). Any inputs on how I should deal with the pups / parents? Returning to the hobby after 6 years; and I didn't expect to start like this.


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Jun 10, 2014
I have 3 ray tanks and they are all sand and substrate bed.
The parent has given birth 4 times and i have never have any casualty and i never clean the substrate.
I have been keeping rays for almost 2 years and what i observed is that keeping the ph and water parameters are very important.
Do not overload your bioload which your media bacteria can handled (based on observation of the frequencies of water changed and cleaning of filtration)
I do water changed once a month at 50% and media maintenance weekly.
When rays are born, water changed is required maybe about 20-30% and media maintenance next day.

I agreed not to expose the pups to the air and kept them in water basket during transfer and not to stress the pups.