Tank of the *** 2024 and beyond

Do you agree with my proposal?

  • Of course! I love it!

  • Heck no, this is dumb, whats wrong with you Rob

  • I like cheese

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Sausage Finger Spam Slayer
MFK Member
Mar 29, 2019
Manitoba, Canada
Will there be a category for bots? And would that be pictures of bots...or pictures taken by bots?

And will unpasteurized cheese be allowed, and if so will it have its own category?


I don't take pics, certainly won't be entering them into contests, but it will be great to have these contests re-vitalized and re-vamped. I love looking at the entrants each month. So try whatever rules and categories you wish; nothing is carved into stone. If an idea works, great...keep it going. If not...pitch it and try something else.

Good luck with whatever you try; looking forward to seeing future entrants. :thumbsup:

Chet E.

MFK Member
Nov 12, 2021
It was very exciting to participate with a photo of my fish! But afterward it felt awkward, like bragging, to continue entering the same subject repeatedly. Such belongs more in a thread. However, it became a challenge to look at my hobby from a perspective of, "How to create excitement in an otherwise 'perfect' display."
Something as simple as moving a plant or the placement of driftwood can become a significant disruption to the balance of an environment. And the result? Still, the same basic subject and backdrop. It's like trying to change a fingerprint.
Also, pardon my ignorance, I was not aware there was a lack in participation. I have enjoyed very much sitting with my wife to choose a favorite photo. I'll miss being able to do this on a regular basis. She's not so enamored with the hobby, but does enjoy a good contest.
Thanks for your extra efforts over the years.