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    The Big Al’s Summer Splash Bash!

    Discussion in 'MFK Contests and Raffles' started by ArtihC, Aug 31, 2015.

    1. ArtihC

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      Jun 2, 2016
      Since we all love to post anyway, why not share some pics and posts and have a chance to win!
      There aren't many posts on the website at the moment, so better chance for us all. I think it is okay to repost what you might have posted here on MFK as long as it is your content. Check out my entries as well under OddBaller

      Good Luck everyone!


      To celebrate you, fellow fish enthusiast, Big Al’s is hosting our very first Summer Splash Bash!

      We want you to share your aquariums and aquatic communities for a chance to win some cool prizes that will be sure to make a splash! Whether you’ve got a vibrant Betta or a vibrant underwater community, this is your chance to share your knowledge and skills with other fans for a chance to win.

      So break out your cameras, clean out your substrate and put your best fins forward!

      The Grand Prize

      One lucky winner will get their flippers on a bundle of the best aquarium products known to fish kind!

      1. An E-X-T Aquarium Canister Filter: a powerful 4-stage filter designed for aquariums up to 55 gallons. With a 210 GHP pump, it is flexible, energy-efficient, and can be installed inside or outside your aquarium. To learn more about this canister filter click here.

      2. The Micro-UV In-Line UV Clarifier: a clarifier for aquariums up to 55 gallons. An energy efficient clarifier using halogen UV light to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms, and free-floating algae. See it here.

      3. A Neo-Therm Heather: a modern and user-friendly heater for your saltwater or freshwater companions. With a functional range between 66-96 degrees Fahrenheit, shatterproof casing, and easy one-touch system, this fully submersible heater is the best in innovative aquarium technology. See it in store here.

      4. The Power Head by Cobalt Aquatics: This submersible pump and power head are sturdy under the worst of conditions. Perfect for internal or external use, for reef, saltwater or freshwater, this pump even has a built in silencer! Check it out.

      But don’t stop there! If you have any questions feel free to ask us here. Let’s get the conversation going and celebrate the summer with a Big Al’s SPLASH!

      How to win:

      1. Sign up and create a post showing off your aquariums. Whether your newly acquired fish or your decorations, we want to see it all! Don’t forget to write us a blurb about what you’ve done to achieve the look or how you care for your aquatic friends.

      2. Each post counts as an entry. The more you share, the more we know you’re an enthusiast like us!

        Rules & Conditions:

      3. Eligibility and Limitations. Our contest is open for residents of the contiguous United States and Canada excluding the province of Quebec. Members under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian permission to participate.
      4. Use of Information. By sharing your story, Big Al’s reserves the right to share your story and photos without royalty or license. You agree that your disclosure is gratuitous and without restriction and further that you are the owner and producer of the story and material.
      5. Release. When posting, each participant and winner waives any and all claims of liability against Big Al’s for any personal injury or loss from the conduct, participation in, or from the prize of this contest.
      6. Conduct. Participants found to share fraudulent (non-original) content taken from an uninformed party will be disqualified.
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