Thoughts on Eheim Pro 3 1200 XL

Tropical Joe

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Jan 12, 2014
Queens NY
Agree or Disagree --- I would like to hear MFK's experiences -- My hands on observations goods and bads- #1- Even though filter has wheels very heavy to carry to sink for service. #2- hard to prime filter even with the priming button. #3- Filter is quite and reliable (well made). #4- Two intake tubes not pretty on back of aquarium. #5- Suction cups holding intake and return lines don't last long. (should have Magnetic hold down clamps) #6- Pre filter could be better and easier to clean. ------------I would love to see Eheim come out with a new filter. It has been quite some time and I think it is pass due. Even though these work well I think you have to keep up with technology. TIME FOR A CHANGE Very curious on all your thoughts. Happy Fish Keeping-