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Feb 16, 2006
Hastings, NE
Well, I had a 2 day overnighter at a freinds house and come back to find my carapo dead. I made sure to feed them well before I left. Frozen mysis, and freeze dried tubifex worm cubes. I shut off the lights and left. I come back and find half an inch of his tail eaten clean, barely any of its fin left, marks all over, half the scales gone, and it was belly up, spinning in the current from the box filter. I thoght they would be fine. Everything had been running smoothly, no fish added, no fish died, for 2-3 monthes. I don't know if it got beat up before, or after death, and if it was the bottom dwellers, just doing there job, or if the cichlids just went overboard. On the bright side, there is now an open space for an electric fish again (hello e-cat). I can't post pics, because my brother broke the only computer i could do that on