Toronto Canada looking for Hemichromis Five star


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Jun 7, 2024
I will never own a Fasciatus again because they are not practical they kill each other unless they are in a ten thousand gallon. To breed them you need a ten thousand gallon and use Aratus or chipokae as dithers so they can pair up.

Elongatus and frempongi are much easier to keep. They are still vicious fighters and can fight and beat any fish their size ounce for ounce usually because they are so fast but they can live with other fish they like jewel cichlids do not take crap. I had a 4 inch female elongatus that killed a six-inch male salvini that decided he wanted to pick on her. But she was killed by a 6 inch melanochromis chipokae.

Elongatus and Frempongi are more beautiful than Fasciatus smaller and can be mixed with certain cichlids. Not something peaceful like a firemouth but I had mine with Guinea II golden jewels and red jewels they did fine. I also had them in with rare melanchromis northern blue.

If anyone wants to order the two smaller five stars with me In the Toronto area (I am in Brampton) let me know. I bred them and they sold like crazy. someone in Montreal bought them all from me for 20 dollars. They breed as easy as jewel cichlids and sell very very quick.

I am also trying to find the old school real hemichromis bimaculatus the ones from the 90s that got huge. I remember seeing some get over 6 inches and were beautiful. The feral ones get huge. If possible to get them id love to. Like the ones in Florida that are feral even. Any that are six inch or over.

I had the golden jewel guinea I loved them they are peaceful amazing fish and want them again. and any other hemichromis that get good size.

I am also looking for comb tails, climbing perch,
Ctenops nobilis


Jan 17, 2018
Lol they don’t need thousands of gallons to spawn. Most people get them to spawn easily in a 6ft aquarium with no problem. Pairs are easy to form and easier to breed
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