Treating stomach inflammation on bamboo shark


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Nov 26, 2018
Southern California
Well I am completely in tears. It’s happening again. I had readjusted a few rocks in my tank and my bamboo ran into one and I watched him scrape up his stomach on it. Just like my baby did, and when my baby did this he died in two days. His stomach is a soft red color, looks more like irritated inflammation rather than a bacterial infection like my previous baby seemed to have. But, it seems to be getting redder with time... this morning it was merely a dull brown but now it is a light red. I am petrified that i am going to lose him too. How do I treat this? Unlike my former baby, my shark still has a massive appetite and is still receptive to the smell of food. He seeks it out when he smells it but seems to tire more quickly from swimming. Normally he is extremely active for a bamboo and is swimming a large portion of the day, but lately he’s been unusually mellow and resting most of the time. Thank you guys for always jumping to help, I have had this guy for almost a year now and I am going to be completely devastated if I lose him too.


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Apr 29, 2019
treat him with Tremazol as soon as possible, respect notice and hope...