Very informative Flowerhorn Video


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Sep 17, 2017
Just came across this very interesting video (by YouTuber SG Bearded Aquarist) about his visit to a store specializing in Flowerhorns, especially Kamfa. This store has its own farm in Thailand, and you can see some very beautiful fish.

It's a long video but well worth the watch whether you have a Flowerhorn now, or are considering to possibly get one. What's cool about it is that the shop owner gives quite graciously of his time, experience and knowledge -- and I can say I agree with almost everything he said as it relates to my (lesser) knowledge and experience (except the feeding of 5 times a day part, but he's trying to grow (and move/sell) fish fast). You can also see he's quite passionate about this fish.

The real talking with the owner starts at about 14:40. Take note esp. that they only feed pellets: no live food (except maybe bloodworms when very small), no beef/chicken heart, no market shrimp, freeze dried krill, cucumbers, dandelions etc., just simple pellets.

Other good info touches on form/standards, grooming, lifespan and breeding/genetics.