Vortex filter?


Jack Dempsey
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Apr 17, 2011
MoBay, Jamaica
Hi Folks,
Here it is. Thoughts & suggestions welcome.
Fish-shipment came a day earlier than planned and the cardinals were smaller than expected, so I cobbled-together this to put them in the ostracod/amphipod/live-food brew-tank until there's a something better. Yes, the water's always green, though I'd prefer it wasn't- this is after a 75% water change. Loads of plants in the water including filamentous underwater, floating & emergent, but they've been stirred/tipped by my activities. They'll be back. I'm hoping the 75% light-competitive head-start will get them (plants) the upper-hand on nutrients & clear out the green.
... and before you ask, no, it's not working as well as i'd like it to, but it is working.
My primary goal is to not kill-off the feed-stock in a sponge, and this is getting that job done as they (beasties) swim up with a bit of floating food, & back through the pump (theoretically) undamaged. My option #2 would have been a bag of course charcoal in a wider sump-bucket - maybe later. The slow-down mesh maybe needs to be a bit higher/output lower, but I'll let it play until weekend and see. It is angled downwards a little bit.

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