I am relatively new to the site. I currently have 1 GSP that i love dearly. (thanks to yahoo) I found this site full of information about my little GSP. I love learning about fish, any fish I have or want to have. This place is packed full of info. I didn't know to much about my GSP. I first thought he/she looked like a blimp. So I bought him/her. Well little did i know about GSP. Didn't know they need Freshwater as youngsters and Marine as Adults. Still have lots to learn. So that search button is used often. So far my current setup is all wrong. The only thing I have done right is the water... tank too small. filters underpowered. you get the point. Though from reading my GSP seems different from all the rest. He/She is very timid. Stresses out when the lights come on. If i approach the tank he/she will swim to the back and hide very fast. Time for more research. Nice to meet you all !