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EOI Stingray Breeding Set Up

Discussion in 'International Marketplace' started by Monolicious, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Monolicious

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    This is a complete set up that consists of the following:

    1 x Aquasonic 1500Ltr Fiberglass breeding Tank with viewing window (5x5x2.5)
    1 x Aquasonic Fiberglass Stand to suit
    1 x 1000w Titanium heater with controller
    2 x 250w Rena Smart Heaters
    1 x PH monitor
    1 x 36W UV Light
    1 x 4 foot T5 Fluro
    1 x Custom made timber and glass 1/2 cover for tank
    1 x Air Pump
    1 x Sand Filter Full of zeolite
    1 x Iwaki Magnetic drive pump
    1 x spare Uno magnetic drive pump
    1 x Circulating Pump
    2 x Large air stones
    1 x 4 foot Perspex Tank to raise the young Pups in
    1 x Custom made cabinet to house most items
    1 x Bakki Style filter set up consisting of all media
    Media consists of 20KG Bakki and 5 KG Matrix
    All Plumbing
    1 x Breeding Pair Stingrays. Male is true 50/50 Leo X and Female is Straight Motoro

    This is a very reluctant sale and any one who buys this set up will make there money back with the first litter of pups.

    These guys have breed 3 times before and the litters consisted of 3,9 and 10 pups.

    Female may be pregnant at the moment and I have just removed the male from her to give her a rest from his advances.

    Can email pics to geniun buyers..

    Call or Pm Peter 0450 785 894
    Located in Sydney and Pick Up Only
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