50 gallon

  1. K

    New wet pet ideas

    Hi Everyone, I'll start by saying the I've only used the forum once before so apologies if this is in the wrong place.Admins please feel free to move it. Last year I asked everyone for advice on picking a personable/interactive wet pet that could live comfortably in a 3ft tank ( Interactive wet...
  2. G

    55 Gallon stocking

    I am stocking my 55 gallon finally after letting it cycle for a few months, I want a few angelfish and a larger school (8-10) of Serpae Tetras. I want 1-2 other fish that are big for a center piece, I’ve been told kissing gouramis wouldnt work. Does anyone know of a larger fish I could keep with...
  3. PGJE

    any suggestions for community tank fish?

    I'm going to upgrade my turtles tank soon and free up my 50 gallon, so i was planning to move my angelfish, dwarf gourami, cory's and danios into it. i'm then going to add 2 more angelfish. If thats not fully stocked already, are there any other types of small fish that would be good in a 50...