1. AquaScape

    Update and 05/13/20 stock-list!

    First and foremost we hope everyone is doing okay amongst the pandemic and staying safe as well as family and friends. I apologize for any recent latency in regards to customer contact as we have been dealing with the pandemic as well and making sure our families are safe too as we do have...
  2. E

    Please help to ID Aimara SP ?

    Hi all! can anyone help to id which variant of Aimara is this Greatly appreciate for any help!
  3. fc3

    Aimara update

    Here are a few pics of my Aimara. Nothing has changed since the last time I posted.
  4. robtt

    Hoplias aimara

    I’m selling 12 to 13 inch wolf fish a very beautifully specimen this fish is only for the serious collector He will take your finger off before you know what happened if not careful
  5. N

    Where to get wolf fish?

    I can't find any right now. Looking for aimara or curupira preferably 6-8". Text me at 310-801-3108 if you know a place. Thanks - Nick
  6. greenerinks

    Terrible news... mass death event :(

    Today is a sad sad day... lost a bunch of my monster fish... I feed my fish every other day as they are all large now. So last night I gave them a hefty meal and did not check until this noon time when I came downstairs to the living room to find a cloudy water disaster. Apparently the PVC hose...
  7. fc3

    Aimara Update

    Here are a few pics of my Aimara. After my Armatus died the 600 gallon aquarium I had both of them in seems stared to split. So, luckily I had a 350 gallon aquarium that wasn't being used and I moved the Aimara into it. The pictures aren't great but here he/she is. I believe it is over 30...
  8. greenerinks

    Here is what a meter long aimara looks like

    I felt compelled to share with MFK that I saw my importer post up today for a customer. An aimara over a meter long. It is like a medium sized dog. No doubt can probably snatch a hand off. True monster fish.
  9. moe214

    55" aimara?

    Anyone know the validity of this claim? A 55" aimara is huge, seems to lack info though, not sure where people get max recorded lengths etc. I've went on several websites and they all have different claims. I'm curious as to what the truth it's, how big do aimara have the potential to get? 3' im...
  10. greenerinks

    ATF x dorado x aimara update

    Thought Id share a new update on my stock.
  11. greenerinks

    Big characin update (dorado x aimara x gatf x vatf)

    Hey everyone, saw that there was quite a bit of updates so I decided to snap up some pix and join the party. Enjoy! And yes I know I need to build out a mini swimming pool for these guys soon.. Or it will be a mission to transport to a friends monster setup. I also have a friend trying to donate...
  12. M

    Aimara difference?

    Hi im new to the forum and excited to have started. Im sure this has been discussed on here plenty of times that I haven't come across yet but was wonder is the only difference between a amapa aimara and a VZ just the locations and color? I have an amapa and am looking to get a VZ coming up...