1. Eelkeeper301

    For Sale  Fishes

    Making room Oscars - 20$ each - 8-10 Parrot convict - 15$ 4-5in biggest I seen personally Eclipse catfish - 15$ - 5in Albino barb - 20$ - 7-8in 3 line catfish - 15$ - 6-7in Albino catfish iridescent shark - 10$ - 4-5in
  2. C

    For Sale  Het Albino Pearl Stingray

    Het Albino Pearl Stingray - 7 inches and feeding on sinking pellets. Very healthy and great ray. $350
  3. M

    For Sale  22" albino arowana

    Need gone as soon as possible
  4. M

    For Sale  22+ inch albino arowanas

    Individually 1000. Group deal for 1800. Need to make room for newer fish and moving onto new things. Can't ship at all so please don't ask. My number is 3052192887 More videos can be found on Instagram at 24K_AQUATICS
  5. BlueJacks

    For Sale  South American Cichlids

    4 Geophagus Redhead Tapajos 3 inches 50$ 4 Albino threadfin Acaras 2inches. 50$ 3 mesoheros gephyrus 3-4inch. 50$ 1 Parachromis Managuense 3.5 inches. 10$ Can meet within reason bring a bucket!
  6. A

    For Sale  14” Albino Arowana PICKUP ONLY

    Hello Everyone, a buddy of mine is moving out of NYC and needs to relocate his beautiful albino Arowana. He bought him for $300 at 8” and now he’s 14”. If Anyone in NYC or nearby wants to pick him up THIS WEEK (only) $300, and he’s yours.
  7. D

    For Sale  Trio Adult Albino Pearl Stingrays 1M 2FM

    One female just gave birth to 8 pups a month ago. The other may be pregnant. Male is 13-14”, one female is 13” and the other is 16”. Eating frozen seafood. All around 3-4 years old. $6500 for the trio firm. Located in West Hartford, Connecticut. No trades. call or text me at 860-280-8941.
  8. xenacanth9

    Does anyone have experience with albino gars?

    I am somewhat familiar with platinum, melanistic, and xanthic gars (never kept them, but I've seen plenty for sale over the years,) but weirdly enough I've never seen albino gars, in the wild or the trade, other than this old picture from Big Aqua, an Indonesian wholesaler, of what is said to be...
  9. Deezus

    For Sale  Pair of 20-23” Albino Silver Arowanas

    One is around 22-23” and the other is around 20-21”. No drop eye. Both are pellet trained but will smash anything you throw in the tank. (Shrimp, smelt, tilapia, fillets). Must sell together. Located in South Windsor, CT. Pick up only. If interested text me at 860-281-1446.
  10. Shape of Water

    Want to Buy  Leucistic Axolotl

    Looking for female Leucistic Axolotl. If juvinal and unsexed, as long as eats earthworm, shrimp, that would be fine. Please contact me for the pricing. Thank you.
  11. S

    For Sale  Albino Pearl Male 8”+

    Albino Pearl Male 8”+ High Quality! Eating Silversides, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Squid and Octopus. Asking $1300 CAD Location Ontario (no shipping) just 30 minutes from the Port Huron, MI Border Crossing
  12. M

    For Sale  Fat NGT Datnoid, Albino Aro and 4 Bar

    Selling the following: 12-13” could be more NGT very thick eats tilapia - $400 8-9” Symmetrical 4 Bar Indo eats Massivore, tilapia or MP - $250 Albino Arowana - slight DE on one eye eyeball 15” eats pellets or about anything - $350 pick up or meet up 91792
  13. S

    For Sale  Yellow Albino Pearl Stingray Male 8”+

    For Sale: Yellow Albino Pearl Stingray Male 8”+ (This is not a regular red Albino Pearl) Eating Silversides, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Squid and Octopus. Asking $1700 CAD Location: Ontario
  14. N

    FREE  Free Albino Bichir and Tiger shovel nose cat

    Both free. Both roughly 5-6 inches. Beautiful fish but wrong tank mates. Local pick up.
  15. J

    For Sale  Arowanas for sale

    I have 2 silver Arowanas over 30" each. I also have an albino arowana that is approximately 22". Message me for details.
  16. D

    Oscar’s fins turning black

    Just trying to make sure nothing is wrong with my Oscar, I’ve had him for a few months now and I noticed the last couple weeks his fins have started to turn black. I bought him under the impression that he was an albino Oscar, however after looking up my issue, I read this a normal thing for...
  17. A

    FREE  FS - Albino Golden Dojo loach - Martinez, CA - Pickup only

    So I have 1 very large (over 12") female albino (red eyes) golden doho loach and 2 juveniles (about 6", black eyes). I believe one of the juveniles is female and the other male. If you just want the large albino female, that is fine (but it would be great if you could take all 3). All 3 have...
  18. W

    For Sale  2 Silver 2 albino arowana

    Hello I have 2 silver and 2 albino Arowana for sale. All eating pellets. Albino 5-6". Silver 8-9" Silver 30$ each OBO Albino 120$ each OBO 6266206577
  19. S

    For Sale  Albino African Lungfish

    Protopterus aethiopicus, I believe. Approx 20" long right now. Eats massivore, algea wafers, earthworms, and the occasional koi. I have not taught it to hand feed. At this point, it has never attacked a tankmate that wont fit in its mouth.