1. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  2. Nm1

    Ideas wanted 120x36x36 build

    I am building a tank for my silver aro and a few friends. How would you build out this 120x36x36 tank. I have ideas but love the minds and experience behind this platform. This will be picture framed in a 15’x14’ room behind my fish room. I am going to plumb an auto waterchange system. I am...
  3. F

    Need advice please

    (Originally posted this in another section but didn't get any answers) So I have an empty 36 gallon bow front tank rn and I wanna put a fish in there that I can grow out before transferring it to my 250(I’m in the process of building the 250 because my 225 is currently being used for a salt...
  4. Z

    Please help baby arowana skin scratch/loss of scales

    Not sure if it was attacked or got scratched any ideas??? Its with 1 oscar and angel fish and they get along well then we saw this. Theres a wooden display thing at the bottom of the tank. Some parts of his flesh is exposed. Any suggestions on what to do? And how this situation looks like...
  5. W

    red arro.. looking for suggestion and recommendation

    thinking to get red arro, either blood , chilli or super red.. anyone know what’s the different between this 3? i dono any trusted seller at all so i know it’s a risk . so which of this 3 is the safest bet to get a really red aro.. area kl malaysia . would be good if there’s any recommendation...
  6. DanHOB

    How much are my breeding pair 24k crossback worth?

    evening all, Thinking about selling my pair of Aro’s... I’m not 100% sure yet, but just wondered what you guys think they are worth? Or what you would pay? They are breeding like in the wild twice a year (about to breed again any day now) this will be the third time they have bred, no fry as of...
  7. DanHOB

    Arowana mating dance video

    I have finally worked out how to share with everyone the beautiful mating dance of my amazing 24k golden full crossbacks. As some of you may know we have had these beauties since December, we have had 2 mating none of which have been successful unfortunately. We hope to have UK bred Aro’s at...
  8. james t

    tank mates for juvenile silver arowana

    Hey I'm interested to know of suitable tank mates for a juvenile arowana my current tank is 450 UK litres dimensions are 5 ft long 2 ft high 2 ft wide? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  9. L

    Arowana breathing heavily!!

    I have a 5" albino silver aro that suddenly stop eating for a week and breathing very heavily. At first I thought it was just full from its daily feeding of one frozen prawns(usually half of it). I noticed the heavy breathing again the following day so I didn't feed it for the next 2 days as I...
  10. B

    new to arowana keeping

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and arowana keeping. I'm jut looking for some advice and tips to be honest. My silver arowana is currently in a hospital tank till he ( I call him he anyway haha.) gets moved to his own tank which will be 6ft by 2.5ft by 2.5 ft. What sort of tank mates would be...
  11. kim91

    Pros & cons on buying juvenile pr adult jardini arowana?

    What are the pros and cons on buying jardini arowana? Also is it better to buy it from a private seller / someone who is not a Fish Store/LFS. Thank you