1. A

    Not Eating Food

    Today is my Aro's third day. I gave him small pieces of prawns. He took it in his mouth and threw it outside. I tried giving him Hikari pellets too but he did the same then as the prawns. How much time will it take him to eat the food?
  2. A

    Arowana Swimming at One side of tank on top

    I brought my Arowana home yesterday. He was moving in the whole tank but today in the morning I switched on my tank led light and he got scared. After that I switched off the light and now he's swimming only at one side. My right side of 4ft tank has a power filter. Is he afraid of the flow...
  3. X

    Arapaima advice

    I know, I know, I'm sure hundreds of people ask this every day, but I am contemplating building a pond. Most likely coldwater or temperate, but I might consider tropical if I can meet the following requirements. 1. What is the minimum size (LxWxH) for a full-grown arapaima? (Fish will likely...
  4. A

    My arowana sick its anchor worms or what?

    Hey My arowana body get something cloud and big abet when i close to see somthing show its anchor worms or not please help so can help my fish
  5. J

    Lid Thickness For Arowanas?

    I will be moving my Jardini from a 6x1.5x2.2 ft aquarium to an 8x3x2 ft aquarium, I'm wondering how thick the glass of the aquarium lid should be in order to prevent it from jumping out. I've looked online but I can't seem to find anything this specific so any help will be appreciated. I'm...
  6. D

    For Sale  Pair of 20-23” Albino Silver Arowanas

    One is around 22-23” and the other is around 20-21”. No drop eye. Both are pellet trained but will smash anything you throw in the tank. (Shrimp, smelt, tilapia, fillets). Must sell together. Located in South Windsor, CT. Pick up only. If interested text me at 860-281-1446.
  7. mattybecks

    Are plecos good scavengers?

    As the title may suggest, do pleco's make good scavengers for general uneaten foods like pellets/shrimp/anchovies etc? or is there a better option? (My Arow has recently started making a mess chewing, and has eaten/killed her other tank mates who would usually scavenge). I have tried cutting the...
  8. T

    Moving Albino Silver Arowanas to 20K Gallon Pond!

    MOVING my 7 SIlver Arowanas to Pond!
  9. F

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana - Orange Spot 15 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, sadly I have to remove my well cared for Jardini. I've had him for about two years now raised from 4 inches. Super healthy and only fresh food for diet, worms, mealworms, shrimp, mussels and silversides. I don't believe in processed pellet food. He is quiet aggressive now...
  10. B

    For Sale  24" silver arowana, 14" endlicheri bichir, 8" ornate bichir ***MUST SELL ASAP***

    I've recently been hired onto a new job where I travel outta town for weeks at a time. It hurts to give up my fish I've kept for years but the time has come to part ways with this hobby. I really need the fish gone asap. So I will be open to offers for each fish. Silver arowana has one drop...
  11. J

    Jardini Arowana Growth Rate

    Can anyone tell me how fast a Jardini is supposed to grow? Does it grow slower than the Asians? I know it grows slower than the silver. I want to make sure that I am providing it with enough food to ensure proper growth.
  12. J

    For Sale  MUST GO - Black Arowana / Albino Silver Arowana / Flagtail / Clown Loach School / KKP Pair (SoCal 90638)

    Moving in a few months - I have to get rid of my entire community tank (though my tank is way too small for them anyways now so the timing is good). For Sale (length is eyeballed - the tank is 6' long for reference) -Black Arowana (18") - $350 -Silver Ablino Arowana (18") - $400 -Flagtail (8")...
  13. J

    Tank Size For A Jardini

    I will be getting a custom built aquarium for my Jardini once it outgrows my 6ftLx1.5ftWx2ftH. I am currently trying to choose between a 6ftLx3ftWx2ftH and a 7ftLX2.5ftWX2ftH. Which of these two would be better?
  14. DanHOB

    Arowana wanting to breed with stingray?!wtf?

    Hi all, the pics might not look like much but this Aro is obsessed with this Ray, he swims on her while she’s moving around, sits on her and is sooo strange, video link attached... He’s been like it for months too. Used to try bite her when she came up the side of tank now she can do what she...
  15. J

    A Question On My Jardini's Colour And Behaviour

    I have a Jardini in a 6ftx1.5ftx2.2ft tank and I will be moving it to a 6ftx2.5ftx2ft if it gets close to being too big for this aquarium, so please don't comment on that. It's 5ish inches now and eats a ton, mostly pellets, shrimp, bloodworms, freeze dried krill etc. It likes to stick to the...
  16. mattybecks

    RBP and Arowana

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had experience keeping red belly piranhas and arowana together? I remember from about 9 years ago I kept a silver aro and some RBPs together (both the aro and RBP were juveniles), and eventually the aro was eating the RBPs. So I had to separate them. Never...
  17. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Silver Arowana For Sale

    My 2.5 foot Silver Arowana is growing out of my tank. I hope that I can find a forever home for him. He has drop eyes on both eyes. But, they can be easily surgically fixed. He's very healthy and docile, never bothers my stingrays. He has perfect body shape, scales, and fins. I've been feeding...
  18. cafeiguana

    My asian arowana

    This is my one year old arowana. 90% insect diet. Crickets, superworm, red wiggler, Dubia roaches.
  19. Vertigon_z

    New Jardini Arowana foods

    Good Afternoon All, I recently obtained a Jardini Arowana. He/She is currently 7in-8in and I had some difficulty feeding it pellets (Hikari Floating Pellets and Hikari Massivore). The Jardini will take them then chew it up then spit it out. THen will go back and chew it and spit it up again...
  20. C

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Arapima/Peacock Bass

    Looking for both Arapima and Peacock bass preferably larger bass. Let me know what you have thanks