1. DanHOB

    Arowana wanting to breed with stingray?!wtf?

    Hi all, the pics might not look like much but this Aro is obsessed with this Ray, he swims on her while she’s moving around, sits on her and is sooo strange, video link attached... He’s been like it for months too. Used to try bite her when she came up the side of tank now she can do what she...
  2. J

    A Question On My Jardini's Colour And Behaviour

    I have a Jardini in a 6ftx1.5ftx2.2ft tank and I will be moving it to a 6ftx2.5ftx2ft if it gets close to being too big for this aquarium, so please don't comment on that. It's 5ish inches now and eats a ton, mostly pellets, shrimp, bloodworms, freeze dried krill etc. It likes to stick to the...
  3. mattybecks

    RBP and Arowana

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had experience keeping red belly piranhas and arowana together? I remember from about 9 years ago I kept a silver aro and some RBPs together (both the aro and RBP were juveniles), and eventually the aro was eating the RBPs. So I had to separate them. Never...
  4. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Silver Arowana For Sale

    My 2.5 foot Silver Arowana is growing out of my tank. I hope that I can find a forever home for him. He has drop eyes on both eyes. But, they can be easily surgically fixed. He's very healthy and docile, never bothers my stingrays. He has perfect body shape, scales, and fins. I've been feeding...
  5. cafeiguana

    My asian arowana

    This is my one year old arowana. 90% insect diet. Crickets, superworm, red wiggler, Dubia roaches.
  6. Vertigon_z

    New Jardini Arowana foods

    Good Afternoon All, I recently obtained a Jardini Arowana. He/She is currently 7in-8in and I had some difficulty feeding it pellets (Hikari Floating Pellets and Hikari Massivore). The Jardini will take them then chew it up then spit it out. THen will go back and chew it and spit it up again...
  7. C

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Arapima/Peacock Bass

    Looking for both Arapima and Peacock bass preferably larger bass. Let me know what you have thanks
  8. F

    Help on Natural Tanning for my HBRTG.

    Hi! I am new to fish keeping and some of the videos I watched from YouTube about HBRTGs are nice looking and I also checked Google and I have come across this image: I have a 1 year and 4 months old HBRTG and so far, it was already tanned by the pet shop where I bought it and I was wondering if...
  9. F

    Datnoid and Arowana Eye Symptoms

    Hi all. I just started this hobby last January and I am worried about my siamese datnoid and HBRTG's eyes. My HBRTG's eyes have suddenly developed green colors behind their eyes and my datnoid's eyes become all whitey/cloudy. I am not sure if my datnoid is blind because when I am feeding it, it...
  10. D

    For Sale  Silver arowana

    around 15 inches Silver arowana . Healthy feed on pallets trained and shrimp. Would trade for Datnoid 9 inch and up.
  11. RealCrix220

    High Back Red Tail Gold Arowana

    I just have to show off my red tail gold, I was so proud of this fella it was unreal I will show the day I put him in the tank and how he ended up, he ended up with the tank to himself had to move him on due to moving home and sadly it died, I was gutted to find out but here he is
  12. mattybecks

    My tanks

    Hi Guys, I havent posted pics or vids on my tanks for a while now, thought I put them online for record purposes :) 1 - 750L, 1.8m aquarium. Asian Arowana (50cm in length). 6 x Geophagus Tapajos (approx 15cm each. Smallest is about 12, largest is 17cm). 1 x rainbow shark. 2 -150L Marine Tank -...
  13. C

    Arowana Hasn't eaten in 2 months

    My Golden CrossBack Arowana hasn't eaten in 2 months. He used to eat superworms and sometimes shrimp and crickets. He lives in a 200-gallon aquarium and nitrate levels are 0 when I checked before this post. He's about 8 inches long
  14. F

    Arowana sitting on bottom and twitching when swimming

    hi everyone, this is my first spot so if this is in the wrong spot please just direct me on where to go. I have had my asian arowana for about two weeks now, I put him in my 150gal with a small pearl stingray and a tiger datnoid. He was bullying the datnoid so i sold the datnoid, ever since...
  15. M

    For Sale  Fat NGT Datnoid, Albino Aro and 4 Bar

    Selling the following: 12-13” could be more NGT very thick eats tilapia - $400 8-9” Symmetrical 4 Bar Indo eats Massivore, tilapia or MP - $250 Albino Arowana - slight DE on one eye eyeball 15” eats pellets or about anything - $350 pick up or meet up 91792
  16. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  17. N

    Is this a fungal or parasitic problem?

    Hi, can I ask for some help from you guys again? Currently I own an asian aro. He/she lives in 500-ish litre tank (I think, the tank dimension is 1,6 m x 60-70 cm x 60 cm). I don't know about the exact biological age of my fish but I think I bought him 7 or 7,5 years ago. I guess I can say...
  18. AquaScape

    New Stock and more to come!! 10/21/20

    We will be getting in a Peru order within the next week or two so keep an eye out for new fish! especially Piranha!! -Piranha- Red Belly (Pygocentrus natteri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. or 10/$80.oo 4”-5” $65.oo Ea. 6” $90.oo or 2/$160.oo Violet Line (Serrasalmus geryi) 5”-6” $350.oo Ea. Green Tiger...
  19. A

    Want to Buy  ISO platinum polypterus endlicheri / black or albino matte arowana

    Hey guys Me and my wife looking for endlicheri and albino (matte) white arowana or in case platinum arowana. Pls message me with picture and your price @702-340-0107. Preferred pick up possible on so-cal/las vegas But not willing to pay for shipping as well
  20. A

    Want to Buy  ISO BLACK AROWANA

    Looking for black arowana prefered juvenile that can be ship here on las vegas, pls send pic at 702 340 0107