1. F

    Arowana with flower horn?

    I have a 2 foot Arowana and been wanting to get a tank mate. I found a 10 inch flower horn. Can I keep a 10 inch flower horn with the Arowana? Or will they fight?
  2. T

    Injured Arowana

    My 5” Tiger Oscar tried to eat my 5” Silver Arowana. This is my first Arowana so I’m looking for advice from experienced keepers on treatment. They were in a 125g but I have since separated the Arowana to a 75g by himself. The pellets are from trying to get him to eat.
  3. M

    Tiger datnoid community help

    Hello MFK! Just looking for advice. My arowana used to stay at the bottom until I bought my indo tiger. Must admit just like many, I had to have more. So now that I have 3 indo tigers, the smallest of the three is constantly picking on the first one I got. Mind you it's consistent chasing and a...
  4. N

    Baby arowana (3-4") not eating

    I recently got a baby black arowana in maybe 4 days ago? and I have him in a 20 gallon long because I feel like my 300 gallon is too big, and has bigger fish that could eat him , anyways, I've tried feeding blood worms, brine shrimp, live meal worms , baby guppies, flakes and pellets, and...
  5. F

    Black Arowana stocking

    I’m going to purchase a 10” black arowana for my 500 gal display tank. I have the opportunity to get more than one. Would two work out or would I need three to make multiples work? Or should I just play it safe and stick with one? The tank already has a Black diamond stingray and I’ll be adding...
  6. R

    For Sale  Gold bar

  7. E

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana for sale

    I am selling my Jardini Arowana to enable me to stock my tank with new fish. My arowana is about 15" long and is fairly aggressive. It is about 5 years old and in good health, eating raw shrimp and whole blood worm cubes. It is currently living in a 180 gallon tank but could use an upgrade.
  8. F


    My arowana is swimming in the mid section of his tank. Why is he not swimming at the top? Could it be too much flow up top?
  9. F


    Evening, I just moved my arowana. Hé was out of water for like 30-45 seconds. He is now at the bottom of the tank breathing heavily. I moved his filter over to give it an even better cycle of a tank. my question is what can I do to get him adjusted. any Help or advice will be greatly...
  10. F


    I’m new here. I just got my 180 gallon tank set up for my arowana. He out grew his other tank now being moved up. I’m wanting to get him tank mates. He been by him self since I got him. I was thinking flower horn, fire eel, green terror, knife fish. I’m wondering what size I should get because...
  11. P

    Please help identify the disease

    I recently bought an aro that had a light ripped tail, the shop keeper told it'll recover by 2-3 days it's been a week and still haven't recovered I used stress heal and Ocean free O Arowana disease away but no effect, I'll show the image below please tell me if it's white spot ich or fin Rot...
  12. K

    For Sale  4 Bar Datnoid

    Clean 4 Bar Tiger Datnoid Beautiful thick stable Tiger Datnoid with vibrant red and gold coloring. Around 14-15 inches in length. pick up nyc Price $1000 If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me at 9173105397
  13. M

    For Sale  22" albino arowana

    Need gone as soon as possible
  14. M

    For Sale  22+ inch albino arowanas

    Individually 1000. Group deal for 1800. Need to make room for newer fish and moving onto new things. Can't ship at all so please don't ask. My number is 3052192887 More videos can be found on Instagram at 24K_AQUATICS
  15. H

    Arowana not eating!!??

    Hello so my one foot arowana just stopped eat for no reason it's only been two days but he normally will eat twice a day. He seems skittish in the tank as well. It's not like he doesn't have room it's a 300 gallon tank! But there are 9 angel fish in there with him my thoughts were maybe he's...
  16. Whoisjaime

    Arowana Ratings

    I wanted to see what everyone thought of my Arowana. Super curious to see how he/she stacks up compared to other Silver Arowanas out there. As well we wanted to see if there’s any recommendations to help in anything that may be lacking. Thank you in advance!
  17. P

    For Sale  BD Hybrids and Black Aro

    Black diamond hybrids male and female male is 13 to 14.5in dia female is 15.5-17in dia may be bigger asking 2k for pair. Black aro is 14-15in asking 350 pick up only in Buffalo NY area.
  18. Z

    Tank Size and Inhabitant Compatability Questions

    Hi there! Let’s assume that money is no object and any tank size is perfectly affordable (which it’s not lol) but let’s assume. Whenever I move houses I am hoping to get a substantially large tank as a dream freshwater aquarium. Tank first obviously, fish later. I am looking to get an Arowana...
  19. S

    For Sale  23-24in black arowana for sale!

    I have a black arowana for SALE! Located in anahiem. Pick up ONLY 23-24inches! Please text me for info! 657-250-08six0
  20. C


    Hello today my golden aro has died, he had been perfectly fine all day long then I come back and he's dead. Tank parameters are in pictures. Prior to this big 2ft silver aro died looked beaten by cat. Water parameters checked normal levels, did water change. Next day peacock bass does, water...