1. Jush

    Gene variants of fish?

    So we all know Platinum is white with Black eyes Albino is White with Red eyes Melanistic is Black with Black eyes Xanthic is Red with Black eyes so what is leucistic & what is Lutino? Is leucistic another name for Platinum & Lutino a variant of Albino/ Platinum where its almost golden/ yellow...
  2. F

    For Sale  % Silver Dollars For Sale

    I have 2 black bar silver dollars and 3 regular silver dollars for sale. Both very happy and I got all of them from Big Als. Regular silvers 5" black bars are 6" and nearing 7". Asking 30 each for the silvers and 50 each for the black bars. Take all 5 for 150 FIRM. They have been living...
  3. F

    latest Monster Stock list

    Below Is the Full list, we ship fedex & cargo. message us on facebook, email and call us ~ Arowana Size Availabilty Price Albino Silver 3"-4" $150 5"-6" L.S. $180 8"-10" N/A 12"+ N/A 15"-16" L.S. $1,500 Short Body Albino Silver...
  4. A

    Possible broken neck

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 7 inch Jardini whom seems to have broken his neck sometime while I was at work today...He was swimming a little different today so I took a closer look at him. After examining for some time, I noticed that he seems to be stuck looking more to the right. When...
  5. JunhoxPark

    For Sale  14” Leucitic Arowana / Clown Loaches

    13”-14” Leucitic Silver Arowana (very minor drop eye in right eye only) $250 18-22~ Clown Loaches (honestly forgot how many and near impossible to count them all) Range in size from 2”to4” WHOLE GROUP ONLY $130 Located in Irvine, CA 92696 I can send more pics and videos as needed
  6. Kevin2006

    For Sale  Pair clown loaches

    Clown loaches pair 5-6 inch
  7. R

    My arowana's tail is broken, please help me how can I make it grow again

    Hi guys, my arowanas tail has broken it's been around 6 months I have been trying to make it grow back. I noticed that my aro's round part of the tail was broken at first and the tip of it's tail became reddish like a wound. I thought it must be parasites and used some antibiotics, general aid...
  8. Arowanablubber

    Feeder frogs

    How do you guys feel about feeder frogs? If you buy from a lfs and you quarantine them for a few days and gut load them what are the chances a parasite gets passed onto your fish?
  9. A

    Premium Golden Head Crossback from Sing Arowanas

    To view video Click Here Hi All, I got this about five months back. Have been successfully able to maintain the head shine and colour in India. I was told that they have to be kept in white tank with 24 hours white T5 lights. I have done that for the past 5 months. I am not sure whether I...
  10. The-Almighty-Zugs

    96 x 30 x 24 Tank and Arowana Species

    I was just wondering what species of Arowana can fit in a 96 x 30 x 24 tank for life without needing a bigger tank. I'm thinking for sure the Jardini would be fine but are there others? African? Leichardti? Would Asians have the potential to get too big? I know Arowana's in general have a better...
  11. R

    my blue base arowana

    My blue base arowana
  12. GraveyardHound

    Transporting Arowana

    Hi There! I am currently in the process of moving, and that includes my entire collection of fish and reptiles. It is about an 8 hour drive from point A to point B. I have everything mostly figures out. My LFS has kindly offered to fill my bags of fish with oxygen before I leave. However, I...
  13. PrymeTyme-716

    Sad/Happy Day

    It is finally time to say goodbye to my finned family as they need more space to swim. Very sad that theyre leaving but happy they'll be moving to a bigger space. Time to start another amazon growout this time with crenicichla
  14. R

    For Sale  Selling my whole setup.

    125 Gal tank and stand one year old. Comes with hood and lights. Silver Aro about 20 inches Tiger Oscar about a year old about 8 Inches all food for both. Fluval 305 I also have a few loose items such as brand new overhead filters that I bought as backup in case. Please text me at 954-999-2223
  15. G

    Premium 24k golden head Arowana 8 inches not eating

    Hi Experts, Need your advice, I have bought Premium 24k Golden head Crossback Arowana (certified chip scanned with certificate) on 9th Sept and he is not eating anything till today. I had kept him with my silver Arowana who was same sized and they were biting each other and hence kept them...
  16. Jush

    Different colour morphs of fish?

    Hi, Ive been looking around, looking for fish such as albino silver arowana, but Ive come across a "lutino" arowana, which is like albino but with a black eye, but its not true platinum. The person has told me that the albino arowanas are less bred due to drop eye nowadays and that these lutino...
  17. PrinceFish

    For Sale  5-bar Indo Datnoid, NGT Dat, 4-bar Sumatra Dat, Albino Arowana, Albino discus,

    Trying to lower the bioload of my tank: NGT High-body Datnoid 5" $200 Sumatra 4-bar Datnoid 4"+ $70 5-bar Indo Datnoid 3" $100 Albino silver Arowana 6" $150 Albino discus 5.5" $30 Take all for $450!!! Text me at 8582529166 Justin
  18. mattybecks

    Geos and SD stealing food from Jardini

    The Jardini needs to be quick, if he doesn't dash across the tank for his shrimp he looses it to the mob. He has given up trying to get it back from them once they have it haha.
  19. G

    Good tank size for asian arowana?

    I wanna get a super fire red or golden crossback arowana from planet arowana and I'm not sure how big the tank needs to be. The dimensions of the two tanks I've seen are 152.9(L) x 60(W) x 73(H) cm and 202.9(L) x 60(W) x 85(H) cm. Are either of these big enough? The width is what I'm worrying...
  20. Jush

    Arowana Knifefish???

    Hi, one of my local fish shops has just told me they're getting Arowana Knife fish in this week, but what the hell is an Arowana knife fish? Ive done some reading and come across them being called marble or pom pom knife fish but is this true? What I want to know is how big they get, their...