1. T

    Making a 8 feet aquarium

    Hi friends, Iam making a 8 feet long and 2 feet wide tank for 16 inch arowana, I have a doubt in glass thickness, should I use a 12 mm or 10 mm thick glass? And normal glass is fine or do I need a toughened glass. And what type of cover I should make, considering I have 1 inlet and 1 outlet from...
  2. R

    For Sale  6.5" Sumatra Datnoid

    6.5" Sumatra Datnoid Clean 4 bars. $180 Willing to trade for a smaller 3 bar indo datnoid. Txt: Nine096382448
  3. J

    Arowanas for sale

    I have 2 silver Arowanas over 30" each. I also have an albino arowana that is approximately 22". Message me for details.
  4. R

    Arowana tail regrow

    Hello, I am new to arowana , I have got a new HBG approx 10 inches few last Sunday , on Monday I have noticed that it has a broken tail and some red spot I found so I called the seller and he said it's a fun rot ( movement and eating was normal) so I started medication my arowana with furan 2 as...
  5. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  6. D

    Silver arowana hides 95% of the time

    Hello, so starting a month or two ago my small silver arowana (around 4 inches) stopped swimming at the top of the water, and spends the entire day hiding near the bottom of the tank behind driftwood. There's nothing wrong with it from what I can tell, and it looks great, even grew a whole inch...
  7. D

    For Sale  Wild baby silver Arowana (tiny)

    Got a couple of Wild baby silver arowana I’m asking $18 each. Eating frozen blood worms, some tetra pellets. Super small and cute. Around 2” or less. Shipping is available... Pm me if interested or leave your number.
  8. H

    Rtg arowana has red patch near his tail

    hi there guys my 6 inch rtg arowana has a red patch near its tail and the scales of that reddish area is somewhat protruded. Can anyone help me with this.
  9. C

    For Sale  T5 light tube

    2 brand new t5 light tube
  10. N

    First post of some of the fish that I keep

    These are some of the fish that I have currently. Although they're photos taken a month ago, there pretty much the same except that I changed the soil to soft sand in my tank. I also have 10 juvenile gars including tropical, cuban and spotted in a smaller tank but I'll try to post photos of them...
  11. J

    Arowana does not want to eat

    I have 19 inch arowana. He was eating Hikari pellets for 3 months straight. Then he just stopped. I would feed him once a day between 18-20 pellets. He fasted for about 10 days then refuses to eat pellets. I tried shrimp, he would eat only 1, then the next day he wouldn’t. I tried crickets, he...
  12. V

    Crossback or highback

    Guys, need your help with this...can I know if this is a crossback or highback or super highback? Thanks
  13. M

    Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch Starving ( Not eating since a month)

    Well have Green Arowana- 10inch - 14inch grew in a tank with 2 22-26inch Silver Arowana’s and have been together for over a year. However, due to lockdown couldn’t get live feed, so gave chicken pcs. From the day i fed them chicken only green Arowana has been spooked (evidently) and hasn’t eaten...
  14. Beau_kirch

    Is my Arowana a Jardini or Leichardti?

    I’ve gotten him from my pet store, but they just labelled him as “Saratoga” just wondering which type this little buddy is....
  15. mattybecks

    Arowana, Geos and Pothos roots

    Hi there, Last week I posted about a rescue Asian Arowana I adopted, who I did a little gill curl surgery on that is doing really well now. So my question is regarding tank set up. Ive always kept it pretty simple. sand for the geos to sift through, and some rocks for them to create...
  16. B


    Hello introduce me from Indonesia, I'm a seller of super red arowana fish Kapuas Hulu where the center of Arwona fish lives. this is one of the collections that I want to sell payment can be via paypall account we usually export to countries where CITES is allowed AROWANA SUPER RED SIZE 30CM
  17. P

    For Sale  Silver arowana

    Where can i sell my silver arowana about 12 inches and how much can i sell for it? I live in nyc area and planning to have albino arowana.. and i hear not good idea to put two arowana in same tank.
  18. K

    Arowana can't see food

    Hi all. I have a Asian arowana ~16 years of age, ~18 inch. Diet: Superworms + Crickets (usually up to 18 per day combined) PH: 7-7.2 Recently (6 days ago) I did a 20-30% partial water change. Usually he will only eat 2-3 days after the water change. (Water change done every 1.5 weeks) Water...
  19. mattybecks

    Another rescue - Arowana question on gill curl

    Hi Guys, As we are all aware, the current pandemic is effecting us all. As Dubai is 90% foreigners. A few people had to go home in a hurry, or seriously downsize their lives. Unfortunately this leaves a lot of animals in a poor situation, including fish. Quite a number have been dropped off at...