1. C

    Arowana Hasn't eaten in 2 months

    My Golden CrossBack Arowana hasn't eaten in 2 months. He used to eat superworms and sometimes shrimp and crickets. He lives in a 200-gallon aquarium and nitrate levels are 0 when I checked before this post. He's about 8 inches long
  2. F

    Arowana sitting on bottom and twitching when swimming

    hi everyone, this is my first spot so if this is in the wrong spot please just direct me on where to go. I have had my asian arowana for about two weeks now, I put him in my 150gal with a small pearl stingray and a tiger datnoid. He was bullying the datnoid so i sold the datnoid, ever since...
  3. M

    For Sale  Fat NGT Datnoid, Albino Aro and 4 Bar

    Selling the following: 12-13” could be more NGT very thick eats tilapia - $400 8-9” Symmetrical 4 Bar Indo eats Massivore, tilapia or MP - $250 Albino Arowana - slight DE on one eye eyeball 15” eats pellets or about anything - $350 pick up or meet up 91792
  4. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  5. N

    Is this a fungal or parasitic problem?

    Hi, can I ask for some help from you guys again? Currently I own an asian aro. He/she lives in 500-ish litre tank (I think, the tank dimension is 1,6 m x 60-70 cm x 60 cm). I don't know about the exact biological age of my fish but I think I bought him 7 or 7,5 years ago. I guess I can say...
  6. AquaScape

    New Stock and more to come!! 10/21/20

    We will be getting in a Peru order within the next week or two so keep an eye out for new fish! especially Piranha!! -Piranha- Red Belly (Pygocentrus natteri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. or 10/$80.oo 4”-5” $65.oo Ea. 6” $90.oo or 2/$160.oo Violet Line (Serrasalmus geryi) 5”-6” $350.oo Ea. Green Tiger...
  7. A

    Want to Buy  ISO platinum polypterus endlicheri / black or albino matte arowana

    Hey guys Me and my wife looking for endlicheri and albino (matte) white arowana or in case platinum arowana. Pls message me with picture and your price @702-340-0107. Preferred pick up possible on so-cal/las vegas But not willing to pay for shipping as well
  8. A

    Want to Buy  ISO BLACK AROWANA

    Looking for black arowana prefered juvenile that can be ship here on las vegas, pls send pic at 702 340 0107
  9. dnz03dw

    For Sale  African Arowana Fry 1"+

    have some African Arowana fry about 1" and growing. They are eating live blood worm and also dropping (crushed pellets/frozen brine shrimp) do your research first before buying. I suggest you to read Josh's post about taking care of them in the arowana section. PICK UP in 92840 or shipping is...
  10. J

    For Sale  Silver Arowana

    Hi I am selling my 20" Silver Arowana for $200 or best offer. The fish is very healthy and has drop eye in only one eye, the other eye is perfect. Reason for selling is my fish has gotten to big and I am unable to get the larger tank I planned on purchasing. Located in Seymour Connecticut
  11. J

    For Sale  8" Albino Arowana (SoCal)

    Selling one of my Albino Arowanas that unfortunately recently started developing DE on one side (the right side) It's really gorgeous and has amazing pink/white coloration (was yellow when I bought it for 150 when it was a juvie). Please excuse blurry photos they just won't stay still and my...
  12. F

    arownana tank size

    can i have a asian arowana in a 6 foot by 30 inch by 30 inch 300 gallon tank with excellent filtration?
  13. I

    Arowana Gasping for Air at Surface & now upside down in tank

    Arowana started dashing across tank and started gasping for air at surface level. Lowered water level and added epsom salt dose together with 2 normal sized buckets of fresh anti chlorinated water & another air stone for aeration. now it’s lying upside down motionless, but breathing slowly. It’s...
  14. C

    For Trade  black arowana will trade for Jardini or sell

    I have a 10 inch or a 14 inch arowana for trade A jardini between 7-12 inch
  15. Shape of Water

    Want to Buy  Stingray, Arowana, Discus Wanted. (Bucks County, PA)

    Hi, I have a 240 gallon tank setup. 5'X3'X2'. I'm looking into stock Stingray, Silver Arowana, and Discus. Anyone rehoming those fish? I don't mind to pay for a reasonable re-home fee. My Zip code is 19056. Please leave your contact when reply. Thanks.
  16. M

    Vendor  Fs p14 x black diamond stingray

    We have some very nice looking p14 x black diamond hybrid. Each one have their own unique patterns and will grow out to have lots of spots. The base will be darken and have a black base. they’re going for $450 each but if you were to purchase a pair they’ll be $800 per pair. Currently around 5”...
  17. R

    For Sale  8.5"- 9" Sumatra Datnoid

    Large 8.5" to 9" Sumatra perfect 4 bars Datnoid. Thick and healthy. Perfect tank mate for Arowana. Txt: Nine096382448
  18. T

    Making a 8 feet aquarium

    Hi friends, Iam making a 8 feet long and 2 feet wide tank for 16 inch arowana, I have a doubt in glass thickness, should I use a 12 mm or 10 mm thick glass? And normal glass is fine or do I need a toughened glass. And what type of cover I should make, considering I have 1 inlet and 1 outlet from...
  19. R

    For Sale  6.5" Sumatra Datnoid

    6.5" Sumatra Datnoid Clean 4 bars. $180 Willing to trade for a smaller 3 bar indo datnoid. Txt: Nine096382448