bichir help

  1. S

    Polypterus endlicheri losing balance while swimming

    Hi, Yesterday, after making a regular 15% water change, I added a plant fertiliser of 20ml to my 150Litre tank. After some hours, my 7 inch Polypterus endlicheri, started losing balance while swimming with laboured breathing. I also fed him frozen shrimp more than the regular quantity...
  2. B

    Bichir broken back?

    Hey guys, so I recently got an ornate bichir. He’s very active and has been swimming around just fine, but has a big curve in his spine. Do you think he has a broken back? I haven’t noticed this before yesterday
  3. D

    Fossorochromis rostratus in Polypterus / Bichir community?

    Any hobbyists who have had fossorochromis rostratus in their polypterus community tanks? Greatly appreciate any advice on this. Thank you in advance "
  4. Y

    Swollen anal fin? (Senegal bichir)

    Hello! My senegal bichir has had that lump for a few months now. I don't have the funds to afford bring it to the fish vet as it could cost up to $100 inclusive of the consultation fee here in Singapore. Please tell me if there's anything I can do to help my bichir, I really don't want my bichir...
  5. Jush

    Bichir Water

    Do Bichir prefer soft, medium or hard water with what ideal PH? I was thinking 3-6Kh with a Ph around 7-7.5? But all comments appreciated.
  6. M

    Severely deformed ornate help!

    Hi! Im new to this forum and I need some help. I have a roughly 4 inch ornate bichir that I named "L", for the reason that his back is so poorly kinked that he looks like a swimming L. I'd saw him at my LFS for about three months before his price dropped and I couldn't help myself. I have a...
  7. Bich

    Help ID please. Told to be Endlicheri endlicheri

    He is brighter in color than most I’ve seen. I just want to have a definite answer, and I’m hoping this forum can provide that for me. Thanks in advance!
  8. R

    Question regarding Senegal bichirs

    Hey guys this is my first time posting and I have been looking for answer to this and i cannot find one. I am relatively new to aquariums and bichirs. So I will just get into it. i have a 55g tank and put a bichir i got from petsmart in there about 3 months ago. along with it went a female...
  9. Feesh4life2000


    I have a little bichir in a 10 gallon grow out tank (don’t worry 125 gallon is on stand by) and he just started freaking out he swims frantically around the tank jumping and swimming into things and then he just sits still for a little while and starts doing it again when he sits still he looks...
  10. V

    Bichir death

    Hello, im new to the forum and relatively new to the aquarium hobby (tank since beggining of may 2017). My most recent addition was a bichir and he just passed away today. I just want to learn why and get some oppinions on future care. Some background, the main inhabitants are a mix of cichlids...