big cichlids

  1. C

    Stocking an aquarium

    Hey guys I have been keeping fish for many years but haven’t really ventured into large tanks due to space constraints. We are now moving house and there is a fish room that I will be setting up with this tank as my showcase tank. Basically just wondering what kind of fish you guys would...

    AMPHILOPHUS LABIATUS sp. Lago Nicaragua

    Labiatus with 5 day old fry SUNSET SHERBET & CHICKEN-ON-A-CHAIN
  3. O

    3.5'x3.5'x11' tank? HELP

    I am fairly new to fish keeping, but I got myself into a predicament... About two months ago my therapist recommended I get fish to help me focus on something other than myself. Well, my mom came with me to pick out the fish and she saw two baby oscars. I didn't want them at first because I saw...
  4. C

    Costa Rica or nica Dovii???

    so I’ve had this guy for about 4 years now he’s in a 250 by himself he’s about 26 1/2 inches just want to know if he’s Costa Rican or Nicaraguan and he’ll wiuld be much appreciated
  5. Jakec96

    HELP!!! How do I help heal a deep gash in the head

    My tilapia buttikofferi is alone in his own tank. I noticed today he has a big deep gash in his head right above his eye, my guess is something startled him and he smashed his head into the filter intake. Im a bit worried about him, so how do I go about healing this? I just did a water change...
  6. Jakec96

    Preffered Tilapia buttikoferi ph level

    Can someone tell me what my ph lvl should be for a buttikoferi I'm seeing so many different levels online some sites say 7.8 to 8.6 and others are saying 6.5 to 7.0. So obviously I'm a bit confused how could they be talking about the same fish?