black bar silver dollar

  1. C

    For Sale  Wtb: Schools Of Silver dollar, barbs etc.

    Looking to buy Schools of good size schooling fish like silver dollars, barbs or anything cool text me anytime 508 209 8014 let me know what you have
  2. F

    Want to Buy  Wide Bar Silver Dollars (Schomburgkii)

    Looking for a group of Schomburgkii in Southern California.
  3. M

    Sick black barred dollars

    Hi there, looking for some help with my black barred silver dollars - they have bloody type marking on them - see photos. I’ve tried stress coat, massive water changes, smaller water changes, parasite treatment, ich treatments (although there are no white spots on any fish) they are eating ok...
  4. WOLF2013

    Want to Buy  Looking for Black Bar & Red Hook Silver Dollars

    I am looking for black bar silver dollars (Myleus Schomburgkii) either wide or thin bars no preference. And also on the look out for redhook silver dollars and flag tail prochilodus. I am in West Palm Beach, Florida. Pick up or shipping. Willing to cover shipping if needed. Looking for anything...
  5. Harold51162

    FS | 4 Black Bar Silver Dollars | $120 | LongIsland NY | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Four Myleus schomburgkii black bar silver dollars at about 4 inches What are your prices?: 120 Where are you located?: Shirley, longisland NY Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Beautiful silver dollars... Eat...
  6. A


    If you are looking for a show stopping Myleus species to add to your aquarium. Great! Go with the Wide bar .Myleus Schomburgkii... BUT, get them from Colombia or Brazil. The Colombian ones are the ones I like, they get the INTENSE Orange and red coloration. Where as the Brazilian will get an...
  7. A

    Breaking Down the Black Bar (Black Bar Silver Dollar Article) By:Aqua Alex

    ATTENTION Fish Keepers: Aqua Alex's September 2017 Aquarium Hobbyist Article has been released and is ready for your read. This month, I talk to you about one of my favorite child hood favorite species, the black bar silver dollar. (Myleus Schomburgkii). There are 2 different variants of the...