blood parrot cichlids

  1. jmf

    Need some help to decided on BP housing

    Hi People, I currently have 2 juvenile Blood parrots in a 45g and 1 juvenile JD in a 30g. I also purchased a 60g tank today and in the process of setting it up. Now my issue is the larger BP keeps biting the smaller one and has removed scales from both sides of the poor smaller BP. What I...
  2. Jacob._.merc

    blood parrot with puffed gills

    Hey guys so ive had my blood parrot for about 3 months now and he is about 3 inches. He has had the black stuff come up on him a lot but i know how to treat him for that. My main concern is his gills. They are super puffed up and there is like a really thin whit layer at the end of the gills...
  3. Aqua Nut

    How To Care For Blood Parrot Cichlids | Facts and Information | Setting Up a Blood Parrot Tank

    How To Care For Blood Parrot Cichlids is a video that was made to provide more information on how to properly care for a Blood Parrot cichlid. We talk about how to raise Blood parrots into happy healthy fish be explaining their needs. We discuss how to properly set up a Blood Parrot tank, Talk...
  4. fhckg_

    Flowerhorn ID (Warrior FlowerHorn)

    So I picked up this 2-3ich flowerhorn at my local petstore it was labeled as a "warrior flowerhorn". I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it actually is. I'm thinking green maxtix or something..
  5. N

    Need some advice.....Parrot Cichlids

    Hello forum! I'm new to Monster Fish Keepers but have been a member of the Planted Tank forum for quite some time. I recently aquire 3 juvenile blood parrots that I am currently housing in my 29 gallon moderately planted tank. I'm having some issues that hopefully you guys can help me with...
  6. smitty03281964

    The Creation Of Blood Parrot Cichlids (Pure Cruelty)

    I was doing some reading and stumbled across this and it reignited the thought of this fish. I was wondering if this fish could talk what would it say to mankind. 1695 282 The 6 Most Terrifying Pets Humanity Has Bred Into Existence Article from Cracked Apparently, there are...