bottom dwellers

  1. F

    Farlowella anyone? Experience IDing? Show your TWIG CATS (several genera)

    Back in late November I got a single Farlowella twig catfish. It is still in quarantine because it has been sharing a QT tank with a couple of awesome little angelfish purchased at the same time and which unfortunately I found to be riddled with internal parasites. Thus, everybody in the tank is...
  2. N

    Emergency sick pleco

    He looks thin. His skin looks patchy and he’s been much more timid and hasn’t been out as much or swam with his frill out since we have switched to the bigger tank (from 35g to 120g) About a month ago. He has his old cave to hide in, but everything else is different. River rock now instead of...
  3. N

    Pleco feeder?

    We bought the large from the pleco feeder site for the 35g but it doesn’t work on our 120g so I need ideas The top of our tank has a cutout (pic) which would require this to bend-which we can do but it’s still much too short and doesn’t really get into the...
  4. G

    Help! what’s wrong with my stingrays spiracles?!

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this site but I’m desperate for some advise. My black diamond stingray has some weird growths on its spiracles or gills just Behring it’s eyes! Ive only noticed it today and she hasn’t eaten today either. Any advice?
  5. P

    Any Pleco's for sale in Ohio?

    Looking to see what Plecos are for sale in Ohio .. I live just East of Columbus but work all over Ohio also willing to drive. Looking for whats not commonly found at the LPS. Thank you all in advance. John
  6. Natural Cyborg

    Pearl growth rate?

    I have two pearls at the size of 5-6 inches and when they will be mature to breed thanks in advance!!!
  7. Natural Cyborg

    Pearl growth rate?

    I have two pearls at the size of 5-6 inches and when they will be mature to breed thanks in advance!!!
  8. Lawton C

    Bottom dwellers

    I have a 75 g aquarium cycling atm. I have most of the stocking figured out but I was wondering whats a fish that will stay towards the bottom (pleco, loaches,catfish, etc) that will go with my stocking plans. I would like something active unlike the banjo cats and fire eel I have now:D...
  9. Y

    WTB rays

    Looking for black diamond and/or pearl rays. HMU
  10. Matteus

    Rip angel

    So today my achara cat wasn't responding to the typical pellets that they usually hit hard. So I started the inspection and noticed a huge belly and I can't find my wife's koi angel. Oh dear!! So I put the angels in this tank knowing that they had previously survived well with my bigger fish. I...
  11. RocketGarStar

    Michigan WolfFish Sellers

    Is there anywhere in MI where I can get a nice, baby WolfFish? Preferably the red kind, those look very pretty and cute. I'm planning to plop one (or 2) in my 75. Where can I get one, and do they get along with others of the same species? Thanks!
  12. AG458

    What Plecos Do You Keep?

    I was just interested as to see what kind of plecos you guys keep! I love plecos, and, even though I've only got one at the moment, I plan on getting more in the future! What would you suggest? Attached at the bottom are recently taken (and edited) pics of my common pleco. (I should really...
  13. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What catfish is this??

    I brought a Synodontis catfish a few weeks ago wondering if anyone can help me ID it
  14. itrebebag99

    Feeding Black Bullhead Earthworms

  15. Vandyfan13

    Where did you guys

    Buy your stingrays or where do you recommend? I've heard of Tangled Up in Cichlids and the great reviews. Anywhere else?
  16. River lake


    I have two hybrid catfish about 13 inch long. $100 each which is what I Paid for. If interested text or call 8182091799 thanks I'm located in San Fernando Valley 20 minutes north west of Los Angeles.
  17. xDestro

    Couple gulper questions

    Had them a little over a week now, can't get shrimp until this weekend but how long should I go with them not eating ( assuming they don't eat this weekend ) before I just get feeders? I have 6 neon tetras in there they still havnt ate, so could I get more or do you think they'd eventually...
  18. Vandyfan13

    Opinions please

    Have the opportunity to build a pretty big tank with a custom stand. 300+ gallons. 7' by 3' any suggestions on where to put overflows for sump and other recommendations you would like done or would do to yours if you could? I should mention it will be glass too. The sump I'm building will be a...
  19. xDestro

    Gulper question

    Recently got 2 gulpers cats 3 days ago and all they do is chill under the sponge filter together. Iv been keeping the lights off to see if they'll move around a bit but they don't really. I havnt tried feeding them I'll be getting shrimp this weekend but I was just wondering if this is normal? I...
  20. xDestro

    Getting gulpers! Few tank questions

    I had to pull the trigger and order 2 gulpers from my LFS before the tank was %100 setup. I couldn't let them get away again. The tank. •the 55 gallon tank has been up and running for around 8 months now, originally on a canister and a sponge filter but canister **** out and now it's on 2...