brachyplatystoma rousseauxii

  1. Scottymac22

    Advice on B. rousseauxii

    Acquired about 2 weeks ago, 4" not including caudal fin, in 55g QT, temp 82-83° on average on calibrated IR temp gun, cycled emperor 400, 4" aquaculture stone, koralia 600gph wave pump(good amount of circulation and oxygenation), heavily decorated with large driftwood and plants, near Blackwater...
  2. GiantFishKeeper101

    Brachyplatystoma Rousseauxii Growth?

    Going to get me a dourada cat. Love the color and all. What's their growth rate and in a year, how big can it grow? I know these cat can be quite skittish but my tank have plenty of driftwood so, there's place for it to hide. And does it true that when it grows older, the silver sheen gone? Or...