1. Scout1984

    I.D. Angelfish

    can anyone help me I.D. this species of angle? Does anyone know anyone that breeds this type? Got it form the lfs without I.D. and not big into angles but this guys is pretty dope.
  2. L

    Flowerhorn- need opinions on what breed I possibly have

    I'm looking to see if the opinions of other fish keepers match up with what I was told my flowerhorns were by the shop. I know to expect color changes but I'd like to see what what breed I'm possibly looking at. I'll attach a couple pics of each.
  3. S

    How to Promote Peacock Cichlid Breeding

    40 Breeder 83 degrees Sand Substrate with large rocks covering 60% of the tank floor (I move rocks around every water change) 1 male sunshine peacock (4 inches) 3 female aulonocara (3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches) Bi-Weekly water change at around 30-40% (Wednesdays and Sundays, I do colder...
  4. Jacob._.merc


    I think I may have found some eggs in my 40 gallon tank. But the only pairs I have in the tank are bichirs and blood parrots. They look like little white clusters on the glass. There are three clusters. Could the be eggs or something else?
  5. A

    WTB: 40 Gallon Breeder Glass Set Up

    So, yeah... I think I might be coming back to the hobby. I've been out for 4 years and want to come back slowly. I still see the some of the old people I dealt with around here. So I'm looking for a 40 gallon breeder/wide foot print. Preferably, I would want a complete set up including tank...
  6. T

    Member and Brother recovering from Stroke

    Please keep ShadowP in your prayers. I would like to bring to your attention that my brother , known as ShadowP on this forum, and an avid enthusiast of Electric Blue Jack Dempseys had suffered a massive stroke on Aug 20 2015. At the time of this message, he is in recovery therapy since the...