1. Nano Vanisher

    Strange growth in front of pectoral fin behind gill plate. HELP PLZ

    I have had this convict for about 3 years. I love him. He has been the tank Boss of his tank regardless of mates. Needless to say he has killed much larger fish overnight a few times. I don't know if this a battle scar that I missed, until I reorganized the tanks and tank mates. His quality of...
  2. Jtank

    Fire eel bump

    Hey I just purchased a fire eel but didn’t notice it had a pimple like bump on its body. Any ideas what it could be?
  3. AG458

    CK scraping on the ground?

    My CK, who I've had for around a month, has survived all of the water changes that occur during the first week of a new tank setup. Recently, he has started scraping his side on the ground. And before that, he developed a small bump on his left side. The fish store I bought him from told me that...
  4. N

    Weird bump

    I have a smooth river back sting ray that has a 12 inch disk. We noticed two large bumps on his head and are not sure where they cam from or are...has anybody ever experienced this? He also has been barley eating. He with mouth the food but wont consume it. Weve tried garlic to help. His poop...