Strange growth in front of pectoral fin behind gill plate. HELP PLZ

Nano Vanisher

Black Skirt Tetra
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Oct 7, 2017
Have you tested your water?
If yes, what is your ammonia?
near zero
If yes, what is your nitrite?
under 10 ppm
If yes, what is your nitrate?
under 10 ppm
If I did not test my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be asked to do a test, and that water tests are critical for solving freshwater health problems.
Do you do water changes?
What percentage of water do you change?
How frequently do you change your water?
Every week
If I do not change my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be recommended to do a water change, and water changes are critical for preventing future freshwater health problems.
I have had this convict for about 3 years. I love him. He has been the tank Boss of his tank regardless of mates. Needless to say he has killed much larger fish overnight a few times. I don't know if this a battle scar that I missed, until I reorganized the tanks and tank mates. His quality of life does not seem to be effected. He is extremely happy in his new 40 gallon breeder that he shares with limited mates. Is this a kind of Fungus or tumor? I will be keeping a close eye on him, as he is important to me. Any help of experience or diagnosing is appreciated. I know he is just a convict and I have several other fishes but he is one of my very first cichlids and special.Maniac1.jpgManiac2.jpgManiac3.jpgManiac1.jpgManiac2.jpgManiac3.jpg