1. F

    Specializing in.....

    Anyone know a Website or Company that specializes in Catfish or Sells abundance of Catfish? Looking for a Tiger Shovelnose around 12”
  2. T

    For Sale  *Rare Fish Sale*

    25” arapaima gigas 550 24” golden Chinese wels catfish $475 10” bumblebee Grouper $200 20” African lungfish $100 16” shortbody rtc $475 30” alligator gar $75 Pickup or meet within reason If interested contact me at 859-421-4524
  3. B

    For Sale  Lince catfish

    I have a lince catfish fairly 14 inch in size ..eats like a monster , trying to free up some tank space..
  4. J

    For Sale  Extremely rare True Piraiba catfish for sale!

    Hi, I am selling a true piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum) That is feeding on pellets, tilapia, etc... Usually goes for $200-400, but want it gone ASAP cause I bought another one and want to make room also open to trades, name it and ill consider it Here’s a pic of him: This is...
  5. B

    For Sale  synodontis multipunctatus cuckoo catfish

    About 5 to 6 inches Gorgeous little cat Ive had for a year with no problem suddenly decided my senegal bichir looks like a snack Send me a text in youre interested 8589350566 Thanks! (Sorry for the crappy pic. I found an identical one on google)
  6. B

    For Sale  Columbian driftwoood cat for sale

    Columbian driftwood cat about 4 inches. Good looking cat, just not a fit for my tank. Located in Chino CA. PRICE: $20 you can text me 909-343-882five
  7. T


    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to gather some info about Ompok species, but I've struggled a bit. I did find some threads on here aswell as on Planet Catfish discussing different Ompoks, so I'm thinking that this might be the best place to find keepers/ex keepers. @fatboy8...
  8. BGKAuatics

    Unknown Catfish

    Anyone know what this is? My friend picked it up for me knowing I like catfish and doesn’t remember the name and I’ve never seen this fish before anywhere?
  9. K

    Want to Buy  Platinum Red Tail

    Does anyone have a platinum red tail catfish they are looking to sell? just post in the thread all sizes and prices will be considered. Thanks for interest
  10. D

    Bullheads (Ameiurus)

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of buying a pair of yellow or brown bullheads and have a few questions. I'm living in Europe where they don't naturally occur, and since I know a lot of people on here are from the US I figured that at least some of you probably have experience with keeping...
  11. T

    Pseudopimelodus bufonis

    Hello, I recently made a post asking for advice on keeping the c. apurensis. I got some great feedback but after much thought and consideration I've decided that it's just a bit too big for me, at least for now as I would like to stay in the 100-150G range. With that being said I switched my...
  12. T

    For Sale  Golden Chinese Wels Catfish

    open to offers 22-24” Located in central Kentucky willing to meet depending on distance If your interested text me @859-421-4524
  13. Paradox2296

    For Sale  15 inch RTC×TSN

    I have 2 RTC×TSN for sale 100$ a piece they are about 14 to 15 inches long. Txt me @ 3132214386
  14. T

    Id on shovelnose

  15. 2

    ID this Cat

    Purchased this as a spotted tiger shovel nose. I always thought it was a tiger shovel nose/achara hybrid. Whatcha think?? About 8 in now.
  16. Siddons11

    For Sale  Wallago Catfish - Leeri & Attu - 20"+

    Two monster sized wallago catfish that need rehomed. Selling a few tanks and will no longer be able to house these guys unfortunately. Eating Kens 9mm sinking pellets and frozen foods. Pickup or meet within 30 mins. Must prove adequate housing. Price negotiable to a great home. Asking 200 ea.
  17. fishtankphil

    For Sale  High End Plecos for sale

    L025 7 pointer 8" $350 L024 8" $ 250 L014 10" $350 I have had them for the past 3 yrs. Eat anything offered. Great fish!!!
  18. AquaScape

    Update and 05/13/20 stock-list!

    First and foremost we hope everyone is doing okay amongst the pandemic and staying safe as well as family and friends. I apologize for any recent latency in regards to customer contact as we have been dealing with the pandemic as well and making sure our families are safe too as we do have...
  19. Blakewater

    FREE  16-18” RTC Bay Area 94928

    Looking to rehome my big boy, Whiscash. Super well mannered, never eaten another fish or even tried. Very active and will eat from your hand and greet you when you get home. Only reason I’m rehoming him is due to a conflict of interests regarding my vision for the tank. Not imperative he leaves...
  20. Kingrancher2011

    For Sale  BIG CATS

    Selling 2 tigershovel cats both 24” pellet trained $125 ea 33” Achara catfish eating tilapia $150.....2 Redtails 24” $50 ea Eating tilapia. TSN/RTC 16” $ $25 trades welcome I like Big fish. All cats are in my 1500g pond. Text me if interested I can always meet halfway for deals too.