1. T

    Moving Albino Silver Arowanas to 20K Gallon Pond!

    MOVING my 7 SIlver Arowanas to Pond!
  2. F

    For Sale  Flower horn, decorus catfish, common pleco

    So for sale I have a 6 inch flower horn for 100$ a small common pleco about 4 inches for 10 bucks and a decorus catfish about 8 inches or so for 60
  3. Ardiej

    Need some opinions please

    Setting up my tank , been doing research and I’m thinking about getting a tiger shovel nose and 2 striped Raphael catfish . Just curious if anyone has any info on them together or any thing the internet hasn’t told me about then or them being together.
  4. Jush

    My 3 favourite Brachyplatystoma, I have finally acquired all.

    When you look at Catfish you find endless people collecting Tiger Shovel Nose, Red Tail Catfish, Hybrids of the two, Iridescent sharks, etc. Albeit beautiful catfish in their own right we still see a very limited range of larger Catfish species in the hobby outside of the few I listed & a few...
  5. Rayfishowner

    Lower Jaw Bichir and BN Plecos?

    Hey all, I have a planted aquarium with a 14-15 in lapradei bichir, 5 in Indonesian Tiger Datnoid, 6 Adult Angelfish. This stocking is not set in stone and will likely decrease as the bichir and datnoid grows. I’ve already seen Datnoid aggression on some of the angelfish as they get close to...
  6. EnbyNewbie

    Sad little lima... :(

    so I recently grabbed a little LSN, about 5 inches long, from my lfs. He was sitting there for SO long, literally, like, 5 months and was always with aggressive tankmates like pacu. I felt so bad for him, so I finally caved and took him, but he's just SO shy and still cowers in the corners. I...
  7. Polypterus_36

    The cheapest and most effective way of heating a large predatory catfish pond?

    I live in Florida where it can get into the 30-33 degree range (rarely), but it normally stays around 50-65 in the winter. I have a 12-15k gallon pond that I want to heat for some tropical catfish. I looked into some heaters that took up loads of electricity, and they were very expensive. What...
  8. S

    Hybrid Red Tail? Does anybody know? Pics attached

    This guy was labeled as a Red Tailed Cat, but he has some features that I discovered were different from Red Tails. He has spots running down the side of him, as well as on his dorsal fin. Dorsal fin looks much different in shape as well. His colors are also duller than a typical red tail. He is...
  9. T

    For Sale  RT & Marble Achara Catfish For Sale

    RTC is around 18" Marble Achara is 26"+ Currently housed in a 400gal circular pond. No sale unless you have a tank/pond large enough for these fish. $25 for the RTC and $60 for the Achara, or $75 for both.
  10. WOLF2013

    For Sale  Oscars and more West Palm Beach Florida

    I am moving next weekend and need to rehome some fish ASAP. I am shutting down one aquarium for now. Will trade for silver dollars of any kind or catfish or willing to sell. 4 5'' Oscar cichlids (3 red and 1 tiger) $30 for all 4 1 6-7'' gold red severum $25 1 3-4'' jack dempsey free with...
  11. T

    For Sale  Monster Fish sale cheap***

    Golden Chinese wels 22” $250 Shortbody Redtail 14” $180 Bumblee bee grouper 10” $150 Xxl sun catfish 10” $40 Everything must go all measurements are unofficial Central Kentucky willing to meet within reason for $
  12. redtail0812

    For Sale  Redtail catfish about 3-4 inchs

    Have a few rtc available
  13. M

    Where can I buy a piebald channel catfish ?

    I have an albino and a blue channel catfish growing out in a 125. Would love to get a piebald catfish to complete the set. We’re getting a 1000 gallon aquarium built into our new house in a year or so, so I’d like to start growing him out now. I know they are very hard to find so I was hoping a...
  14. RealCrix220

    Catfish that won’t eat other fish

    Back in the day I have a tiger shovel nose catfish and I didn’t realise where all my fish were going until one day 3 fish went missing and there he was laying on his side with the biggest belly and then it hit me. Since then I’ve never kept catfish ( apart from pelcos ) im just wondering if...
  15. F

    Specializing in.....

    Anyone know a Website or Company that specializes in Catfish or Sells abundance of Catfish? Looking for a Tiger Shovelnose around 12”
  16. T

    For Sale  *Rare Fish Sale*

    25” arapaima gigas 550 24” golden Chinese wels catfish $475 10” bumblebee Grouper $200 20” African lungfish $100 16” shortbody rtc $475 30” alligator gar $75 Pickup or meet within reason If interested contact me at 859-421-4524
  17. B

    For Sale  Lince catfish

    I have a lince catfish fairly 14 inch in size ..eats like a monster , trying to free up some tank space..
  18. J

    For Sale  Extremely rare True Piraiba catfish for sale!

    Hi, I am selling a true piraiba (Brachyplatystoma filamentosum) That is feeding on pellets, tilapia, etc... Usually goes for $200-400, but want it gone ASAP cause I bought another one and want to make room also open to trades, name it and ill consider it Here’s a pic of him: This is...
  19. B

    For Sale  synodontis multipunctatus cuckoo catfish

    About 5 to 6 inches Gorgeous little cat Ive had for a year with no problem suddenly decided my senegal bichir looks like a snack Send me a text in youre interested 8589350566 Thanks! (Sorry for the crappy pic. I found an identical one on google)
  20. B

    For Sale  Columbian driftwoood cat for sale

    Columbian driftwood cat about 4 inches. Good looking cat, just not a fit for my tank. Located in Chino CA. PRICE: $20 you can text me 909-343-882five