1. P

    For Sale  10 inch Paroon Sharks

    Gorgeous high fin Paroon sharks. Around 10 inches currently with nice streamers. 3 available. 200 each or 500 for all 3.
  2. K

    For Sale  corydora catfish for sale

    i have a good number of green corydora catfish babies for sale i don't have the tank room for them all as adults so trying to find them homes I don't have a way to ship them myself so would be limited to Las Vegas or if someone wants to drive up here to get them was thinking 5$ each They are all...
  3. M

    For Sale  Phantom redtail

    Quitting the hobby Selling my 3 foot phantom 1000 or best offer Must go to good home
  4. D

    Catfish Identification

    This is a picture from a dealer in China. And it is a little bit like Phalacronotus apogon in its body shape, but its body color remain pied. Is there anyone who have kept this kinda fish in captivity or have known it? Really wanna figure out what kinda fish species it is!
  5. B

    FREE  22-24" achara catfish free to anyone with a 300g+

    Free achara catfish to anyone near Tennessee who wants it and can provide a good home. He is blind. Does not have eyes but does fine getting around.
  6. TheFishDealer

    For Sale  Albino Catfish Rare?

    Seen some posts of albino and morphed catfish going around, Was curious if there was any interest in mine? Not to sure what ive got here as well maybe Amblydoras nauticus? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. 11-12 normal color 1 albino Was told all collected together and would like to keep them...
  7. J

    HELP!! sick Red tail catfish

    hi so i have these two RTC’s in a 1800 gallon pond with some gar oscar and irredecent’s and i just recently noticed red abrasion marks on both my rtcs none of the other fish seem to be bothered but the rtc’s are seeming more lethargic than usual water parameters are good the bottle just looks a...
  8. shern

    out of country shipping

    Greetings all, recently I've been on the hunt for a small high quality leiarius pictus but have come to no luck. the few that i do fond are either way too big or come from wholesalers who won't ship to an individual buyer. so i turned to out of country shipping, specifically japan, I found a...
  9. 2

    For Sale  Monster catfish

    34” firewood catfish , 18”marble achara catfish $500 for both. Must own a 500g + pool/pond. Open for trades. Must pick up. 95334 serious buyers only.
  10. A

    For Sale  Fish for sale

    3 Oscar’s all between 5-7 inches 1-lemon Oscar $65 1-Ruby red Oscar $50 1-albino tiger $50 Don’t know sexes of any fish 1-mono peacock bass about 8-9 inches $175 1-redtail catfish about 10 inches $100 located in Colonia nj Text me at 201-620-1643 thanks
  11. mybirthdateisfake

    Catfish for 400 gal?

    I'm planning to add a catfish to my 400 gal pond, but what catfish should it be? Current stocking: - 10-11in Green Terror - 12in Jaguar cichlid - 10in Oscar - 2 Tinfoil barbs
  12. J

    FREE  looking for fish

    looking for two iridescent sharks 15 plus inches tsn hybrid catfish 18 plus inches and 2 spotted or florida gar 18 plus inches in san antonio area or available for shipping
  13. A

    Need Help

    This morning I woke up and my peacock bass was a goner. The past week I have been treating for ick. i firsted noticed the ick on my shovel nose/rt hybrid which soon spread through the tank. within 2-3 days all ick had clear up from fish and they looked great. This morning I go downstairs and my...
  14. S

    Does anyone know a tank size for bullhead cats?

    Im wondering if a Bullhead catfish and some minnows would work in 90-100 gal tank would work? Can anyone help?
  15. P

    For Sale  FS - 10 inch Stormii Catfish

    Up for sale is my 10 inch Stormii Catfish AKA Fresh water shark. Well it's the closes I think you can get to a shark other than the real thing. Much like a shark it never stays put and continuously swims throughout the tank. Even it's gill plates look like the slids on the side of a shark...
  16. S

    Catfish school/shoaling for a 20 gallon long

    Hi, I have a 30''x12''x12'' tank that is fully cycled and I was just wondering if there were any schooling or shoaling catfish species I could keep other than cories. I like SA Bumblebee cats, but I don't know enough about them and was looking for any insight. I also like oddball fish so if you...
  17. M

    For Sale  18" Redtail Catfish

    Eating just about any and everything you offer. Friendly with tankmates
  18. gotin20

    For Sale  Paroon shark

    Selling high fin paroon sharks
  19. V

    For Sale  Ripsaw Catfish 2 Angelfish

    $50 for 6 inch Ripsaw Catfish Best offer for 4-5 inch Angelfish
  20. J

    Is this gill curl?

    Hi Everyone- Noticed the gills on my two red tail cats are starting to slightly curl outward. It comes and goes though, doesn't flare out all the time. They are in my 500 gallon. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, nitrates I battle, but usually stay around 80-100 ppm. Pictures below.