1. P

    FREE  Free 36" Niger Catfish

    Trying to find a home for my 36" Niger Catfish. Need a 500 gallon tank or bigger. Pick up only (Chatsworth, 91311). Please text me if you are interested 818-426-3261.
  2. T

    FREE  8”+ giraffe nose catfish

    Giraffe nose catfish very healthy, eats Massivore pellets and tilapia 8”+ size Located in upland 909-727-0522 $100 OBO Pick up only
  3. SwellyJelly

    For Sale  Moving Sale 720G, 240G, Stingrays, Datnoids, Oscars and Catfish

    Have a moving coming up next year and trying to start parting with some of my tanks and fish before then. Open to offers and can get more pics upon request. Unable to ship any fish so only doing pickups. Aquariums and other parts are open for shipping but at the buyers expense. I have a 720...
  4. T

    FREE  Marble Achara Catfish free to good home

    Somewhere around 27", currently housed in 400 gal pond. Free to anyone with a tank/pond big enough.
  5. Egemen

    Fish updates !

    The polys growth has slowed down. They are healthy and active tho. The Spotted Raphael is a new member and never missed a feeding. Also found bunch of ropefish at the LFS for 10 dollars each. Sadly dont think my tank is big or understocked enough to support one or two... After the recent sad...
  6. T

    For Sale  Tigrinus and Firewood Catfish

    Tigrinus 5" $250 Fire wood 3-4" $175 Shipping $55
  7. C

    For Sale  Multiple fish for sale

    5 synodontis eupterus 3-4” - $15each, $60 for all 5 1 synodontis ocellifer 4-5”- $20 1 female F1 Kamfa 6”- $150 (egg laying) pictures do not do her justice, fully red when fired up 1 male king king kamfa 4”- $75 1 male goldenbase, 10”+ - $75, got beat up my a larger fish but is almost fully...
  8. T

    For Sale  Plecos for sale.. Luteus, Dracula, Megalancistrus barrae

    Multiple Plecos im looking to sell - Phase 2 Luteus Pleco 10-12" $550 - Dracula 4" $70 - Megalancistrus barrae 12-14" $450 - Thresher 10" $99 - L050 Humpback 6" $75 UPS Shipping or Southwest cargo $50-$75 freight cost estimate
  9. SirCatfish

    For Sale  12-14” Ornate Poly.

    Looking to sell my ornate poly. Had since 4”. Eats shrimp, tilapia, smelt, earthworms. Looking for pickup asap. Located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Pics available. Negotiable
  10. B

    Advice on new cichlid tank setup

    Hi, first time posting here, after some advice on a new tank setup. It's a brand new 600L tank, 60"L x 24"W x 30"H. Completely empty at the moment. I'm thinking... 1 or 2 Oscars 1 Jack dempsey 1 Green terror 1 Texas or carpintis cichlid 2 birchirs. Probably armoured bichirs Some catfish of...
  11. F

    For Sale  Spotted Silver Dollars 4"-5" - five fish group

    Hey MFK, I have five healthy SD for sale. There are two different kinds, three are Metynnis Maculatus and two are Lippincottianus I'd prefer to sell them as a group, $75.00
  12. F

    For Sale  Asian River Prawn - 4 inches

    Hi Fishkeepers, it's time to let my prawn go to a more suitable environment. I've had this prawn about 2 years raised from 2 inches. It needs to be housed with more aggressive fish, cichlids or larger tank mates. He is predatory in my tank and is chasing the other fishes around. (i.e. clown...
  13. H

    For Sale  IT datnoid 4-4.5” Shortbody Iredescent Shark 6-7” Asian shovelnose catfish 5” L24 pleco 3.5” Lilburn 30047

    IT datnoid 4-4.5” Short body Iridescent Shark 6-7” Asian shovelnose catfish 5” L24 pleco 3.5” Lilburn 30047 Georgia
  14. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for LARGE ARAPAIMA

    The bigger the better looking for anything 2ft and above Please message me if you have or know of anyone looking to sell or rehome
  15. xenacanth9


    Hi, does anyone here have experience with any Ariopsis species other than Ariopsis seemanni, the Colombian shark? This includes: Ariopsis assimilis Ariopsis guatemalensis Ariopsis felis
  16. T

    Want to Buy  Lima Shovelnose Catfish

    Anyone in the Hudson Valley or NYC area have a Lima shovelnose cat they'd like to sell me?
  17. Kingrancher2011

    For Sale  30” Wallago leeri

    Looking to do something different in my pond very healthy wallago eating pellets pickup or meet. Asking $150
  18. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for Large Fish

    Looking for Larger Fish for a 8,000 gallon plus Willing to meet or I am able to pickup at airport
  19. neko1

    Help with setting up a tank.

    So i got 6 tanks right now and I need to move out my parents house..... Bassicly i need to rehome a lot of fish. But if its possible i would like to keep most. :) I have had most animals for more then 6 years or even longer. So what i have right now: -polypterus ornitapinus. (1x) -polypterus...