1. AquaScape

    New African Oddballs Arrivals! 10/14/19

    New arrivals from Africa are here!! -Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) 3" $200.oo Ea. 5" $250.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp. 'Big Eye') 3" $175.oo Ea 5" $225.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) 5" $225.oo Ea. -Electric Catfish (Malapterurus electricus) 5"-6" $65.oo...
  2. The-Almighty-Zugs

    What kind of Catfish for 240 gallons?

    So I was lurking around and had a thought pop into my head. Is there a catfish species that would fit in a 240 gallon for life, not grow over 24" but still reach a good size like maybe 20" or so and can hopefully be solitary or at least can be kept alone? I don't know that much about catfish so...
  3. J

    Iridescent Shark Help

    This morning my 14 inch iridescent shark laying on its side. It begins to thrash when nudged with my net. I dont know what was wrong with it. I added some salt to the tank, and left the lights of. It was dead by the time by the evening. I have another iridescent shark in my tank, and I am...
  4. C

    For Sale  Dwarf giraffe nose catfish ohio

    Around 6” eats raw shrimp.
  5. Blakewater

    Iridescent Shark Growth Rate?

    Curious if I were to purchase 2 or 3 Iridescent Sharks at 6" how long they could last in a 96x30 tank with very high water flow? Reason for asking is I already have plans underway to build a 600 Gallon aquarium in my pet room [either 96x60x24 or 120x48x24 not sure which one yet] but it will not...
  6. AquaScape

    New Arrivals!! Piranhas, Oddballs and More!

    3” Red Belly Piranha-----$30.oo Ea. Or 4 for $100.oo 6”-7” Red Belly Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 2.5”-3” Caribe Piranha----- $35.oo Ea. Or 5 for $150.oo or 10 for $275.oo 3”-4” Caribe Piranha-----$50.oo Ea. 3”-4” Piraya Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 4”-5” Purple Spilo-----$95.oo Ea. 4”-5” Red...
  7. Jush

    For Sale  Multiple predatory fish, turtles & fish tank for sale

    Selling a decent amount of fish I have bought but either no longer want or don't need due to getting larger types for example. Redtail Catfish - 1-2inch - £28 each - 2 for sale in total - buy 2 for £54 Tiger Shovel nose - 2-3inch - £28 - 1 for sale in total - N/A Male Black Diamond Stingray -...
  8. J

    True or False Tirginus?

    I found this little guy for sale, and wanted to know if it was the real deal. They have him listed at 200$
  9. kody929

    Synodontis ID

    Hey everyone! Promise its not a feather fin or upside down syno. I was sold this as a longriostrus as a baby but it doesn’t seem to add up. Unique tiny dot head to large dot body like a helmet. I’m converting my 210 to community tank and I’m trying to get a proper ID to possible sell. Also at...
  10. C

    16” redtail

    I have a 16” redtail I NEED gone. I’m getting back into smaller fish. I’ll take $20. I live in Lakeside, CA. Very mellow and sweet. He loves being pet!
  11. G

    Good tankmates for Asian Arowana?

    Since I'm planning on getting a super red or golden crossback arowana from planet arowana in the future later down the line after that I wanna add another fish, preferably a catfish. The only large catfish I've seen are the red tail catfish which is too big and the tigrinus catfish which I think...
  12. CMTrey5


    DORADO CATFISH (BRACHYPLATYSTOMA ROUSSEAUXII) about 7-8” eating tilapia and shrimp.
  13. CMTrey5

    FS | Monster Fish (VATF, RTGG, Dorado cat, etc) | Bay Area, CA 94578 | Pickup

    Hey all, selling most of my stock to make room for other things I want to try out, let me know if interested, will provide any pics for serious buyers. Most prices are firm, but will let go of things for a bit cheaper if packaged together. Thanks! RTGG 8" - $50 Dorado (moonlight) cat 7" - $150...
  14. PGJE

    Does catfish skin heal?

    I recently got an eclipse catfish from one of my friends, and he has some pretty bad scratch marks on the back of his tail, probably from being with cichlids in the past. He's in one of my tanks now and seems to be doing well, with some strange swimming. I've heard a lot of weird things about...
  15. AquaScape

    Black Devil Wyckii Catfish!!

    We got in this beast of a catfish the other day! Currently going for $200 and is about 12"-14"
  16. Pile_O_Rocks

    Is Height Important for RTCs?

    Would a RTC be able to live in a 13’x7’x30” indoor pond?. The footprint is good for a RTC but I’ve seen things saying 3’ is the minimum height. Is this accurate?
  17. aes1687


    Anyone have experience with OXYDORAS NIGER, PTEDORAS GRANULOSUS and MEGADOLORAS IRWINI? I've kept my granulosus for about 3 years starting from 4 inch and now he is 8inches, however he was 8inches for the past year and a half. He is in a community tank where I give live feeders weekly which he...
  18. R

    RTC pond size

    I am building a 15 by 5 ft pond and was wondering if this would be sufficient housing for a RTC
  19. Ashan Kavinda

    Oxydoras Niger Catfish (RipSaw Catfish)

  20. AquaScape

    Monster Fish! Golden Dorado, Goonch Cats & MORE!

    Goonch Catfish(Bagarius yarrelli) 3"-4" $65.oo Ea. 7” $200.oo Ea. Golden Dorado(Salminus brasiliensis) 2”-3” $65.oo Ea. Redtail Barracuda(Acestrorhynchus falcatus) 6”...