1. Blakewater

    For Sale  Pbass, Festae, Bichirs, Catfish, Rares 94928

    Updating and changing my list of fish and items for sale. All fish are healthy, parasite/infection free and have been weaned off of live food/onto floating pellets. Fish are for pickup or meetup within 25 miles for an extra ten dollars. If you really want something I can try shipping it but I...
  2. fishtankphil

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy a Goonch catfish 18"+

    Looking to buy a goonch catfish ( yarelli). Would prefer it to be over 18" total legth. Shipping or p/u depending upon where it is located. Pm me with what you have and asking price. Thanks in advance....
  3. L

    Red Tail Catfish Transfer

    So I recently transferred my 14” Red Tail Cat into a 600 gallon pool, ever since I put him in, he hasn’t much at all and I don’t know why. I put him in about 2-3 weeks ago. PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. T

    For Sale  Going out of hobby sale

    17" armatus Payara 19'' Redtail catfish 12" tiger shovel nose 9" albino Tiger Oscar 6" bd hybrid ray 6" bd hybrid ray 7" male pearl ray 34" silver arowana 12" peacock bass 10'' pacu 10'' feather fin squeaker a few common pleco 13''irredescant shark 12'' irredcesant shark 16 '' rtc hybrid...
  5. AquaScape

    Stock-List 12/5/19

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1" $9.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo .75”-1” $12.00 Ea. Or 10/$100.oo(WC Peru) 4”-5” $65.oo Ea. 6”-7” $125.oo Ea. Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 3”-4” $50.oo Ea. 4”-5” $85.oo Ea. Piraya (Pygocentrus piraya) 3”-4” $150.oo Ea. 4”-5” $200.oo Ea. Black...
  6. P

    For Sale  Tarpon, pearl stingray, vaft, etc.

    All fish for sale are extremely healthy and eating a variety of foods including hikari, massivore, blood worms, tilapia, and market shrimp. I am only selling them because I am going a different direction with my tanks. Many of them have been in my care for a couple years or more, I care a lot...
  7. Jush


    Fish for sale; I'm open to offers on induvidual fish, groups of fish, or the whole lot. All sizes are approx, WhatsApp - 07523 218429 Location - North West UK, Preston/ Blackpool Collection, Shipping or possible drop off on ALL FISH! Longfin "Platinum" Senegal Bichir - BOUGHT AS PLATINUM...
  8. Fishgirl98

    Redtail/shovelnose hybrid won’t eat!

    Hey guys I have had my redtail/shovelnose hybrid since August, he is 6 1/2 inches, he is in a 30 gallon with a redtail that is no more then 2 inches. His water reads all good. He was eating frozen food but went about a week and a half not eating till I force fed him due to him being very...
  9. Blakewater

    ID This Achara Hybrid?

    I’m stuck trying to figure out what this guy actually is. I know he’s a marble achara mix but the face and eyes are throwing me off. Anyone able to ID him? Maybe Red Tail? I just don’t see the red tail colors..
  10. F

    latest Monster Stock list

    Below Is the Full list, we ship fedex & cargo. message us on facebook, email and call us ~ Arowana Size Availabilty Price Albino Silver 3"-4" $150 5"-6" L.S. $180 8"-10" N/A 12"+ N/A 15"-16" L.S. $1,500 Short Body Albino Silver...
  11. AquaScape

    New African Oddballs Arrivals! 10/14/19

    New arrivals from Africa are here!! -Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) 3" $200.oo Ea. 5" $250.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp. 'Big Eye') 3" $175.oo Ea 5" $225.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) 5" $225.oo Ea. -Electric Catfish (Malapterurus electricus) 5"-6" $65.oo...
  12. The-Almighty-Zugs

    What kind of Catfish for 240 gallons?

    So I was lurking around and had a thought pop into my head. Is there a catfish species that would fit in a 240 gallon for life, not grow over 24" but still reach a good size like maybe 20" or so and can hopefully be solitary or at least can be kept alone? I don't know that much about catfish so...
  13. J

    Iridescent Shark Help

    This morning my 14 inch iridescent shark laying on its side. It begins to thrash when nudged with my net. I dont know what was wrong with it. I added some salt to the tank, and left the lights of. It was dead by the time by the evening. I have another iridescent shark in my tank, and I am...
  14. C

    For Sale  Dwarf giraffe nose catfish ohio

    Around 6” eats raw shrimp.
  15. Blakewater

    Iridescent Shark Growth Rate?

    Curious if I were to purchase 2 or 3 Iridescent Sharks at 6" how long they could last in a 96x30 tank with very high water flow? Reason for asking is I already have plans underway to build a 600 Gallon aquarium in my pet room [either 96x60x24 or 120x48x24 not sure which one yet] but it will not...
  16. AquaScape

    New Arrivals!! Piranhas, Oddballs and More!

    3” Red Belly Piranha-----$30.oo Ea. Or 4 for $100.oo 6”-7” Red Belly Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 2.5”-3” Caribe Piranha----- $35.oo Ea. Or 5 for $150.oo or 10 for $275.oo 3”-4” Caribe Piranha-----$50.oo Ea. 3”-4” Piraya Piranha-----$150.oo Ea. 4”-5” Purple Spilo-----$95.oo Ea. 4”-5” Red...
  17. Jush

    For Sale  Multiple predatory fish, turtles & fish tank for sale

    Selling a decent amount of fish I have bought but either no longer want or don't need due to getting larger types for example. Redtail Catfish - 1-2inch - £28 each - 2 for sale in total - buy 2 for £54 Tiger Shovel nose - 2-3inch - £28 - 1 for sale in total - N/A Male Black Diamond Stingray -...
  18. J

    True or False Tirginus?

    I found this little guy for sale, and wanted to know if it was the real deal. They have him listed at 200$
  19. kody929

    Synodontis ID

    Hey everyone! Promise its not a feather fin or upside down syno. I was sold this as a longriostrus as a baby but it doesn’t seem to add up. Unique tiny dot head to large dot body like a helmet. I’m converting my 210 to community tank and I’m trying to get a proper ID to possible sell. Also at...