1. S

    Does anyone know a tank size for bullhead cats?

    Im wondering if a Bullhead catfish and some minnows would work in 90-100 gal tank would work? Can anyone help?
  2. P

    For Sale  FS - 10 inch Stormii Catfish

    Up for sale is my 10 inch Stormii Catfish AKA Fresh water shark. Well it's the closes I think you can get to a shark other than the real thing. Much like a shark it never stays put and continuously swims throughout the tank. Even it's gill plates look like the slids on the side of a shark...
  3. S

    Catfish school/shoaling for a 20 gallon long

    Hi, I have a 30''x12''x12'' tank that is fully cycled and I was just wondering if there were any schooling or shoaling catfish species I could keep other than cories. I like SA Bumblebee cats, but I don't know enough about them and was looking for any insight. I also like oddball fish so if you...
  4. M

    For Sale  18" Redtail Catfish

    Eating just about any and everything you offer. Friendly with tankmates
  5. gotin20

    For Sale  Paroon shark

    Selling high fin paroon sharks
  6. V

    For Sale  Ripsaw Catfish 2 Angelfish

    $50 for 6 inch Ripsaw Catfish Best offer for 4-5 inch Angelfish
  7. J

    Is this gill curl?

    Hi Everyone- Noticed the gills on my two red tail cats are starting to slightly curl outward. It comes and goes though, doesn't flare out all the time. They are in my 500 gallon. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, nitrates I battle, but usually stay around 80-100 ppm. Pictures below.
  8. C

    Want to Buy  Stormii catfish

    Looking for 1-2 stormii cats . 5-7” Pickup in SoCal area
  9. T

    For Sale  Adonis Pleco

    10" Adonis Pleco looking to re home
  10. Wharf

    For Sale  WTS L253 Royal Goldie

    Want to sell my L253 Scobi sadly to offset some bioload. I have a L240 and L273 in with her, so fairly Pleco heavy in my tank. She (I believe female) is nice, I am kind of on the fence & hesitant, but willing to sell if she goes to an experienced and responsible hobbyist. I would say 9 inches...
  11. Rayfishowner

    ID this catfish

    Hi all, found this at my local fish store looks to be a species of whip tail catfish. Wondering what species and any info regarding care, size, etc. Thanks!
  12. K

    For Sale  Rock Bacu, Yareli Goonch, Florida Gar, Fahaka Puffer, Marbled Achara

    11-12" Rock Bacu $250; eats: Hikari pellets, tilapia, shrimp 10-12" Yareli Goonch Catfish $200; eats: Hikari pellets, tilapia, shrimp 14-16" Florida Gar $125; eats: Hikari pellets, tilapia, shrimp 4-4.5" Fahaka Puffer $75; eats: Hikari pellets, tilapia, shrimp & snails 11-12" Marbled Achara...
  13. F

    For Sale  Central/South American fish for sale

    I am changing my stocking and am posting these guys up for sale. Some of these fish have been with me for years and are doing amazing. Pickup only and videos can be sent upon request. Open to trade for some rays, rainbowfish and plecos. Fish available Black belt xl 12in+ —— $150 Black belt...
  14. Kingrancher2011

    For Sale  Jau catfish

    Closed down my tanks stepping away from the hobby for awhile all I have left is this 30” Jau catfish.
  15. P

    Want to Buy  Paroon shark

    Looking for some paroon sharks in the NYC/New England area. Willing to drive and pay good money for the right specimens.
  16. P

    FREE  Free 36" Niger Catfish

    Trying to find a home for my 36" Niger Catfish. Need a 500 gallon tank or bigger. Pick up only (Chatsworth, 91311). Please text me if you are interested 818-426-3261.
  17. T

    FREE  8”+ giraffe nose catfish

    Giraffe nose catfish very healthy, eats Massivore pellets and tilapia 8”+ size Located in upland 909-727-0522 $100 OBO Pick up only
  18. SwellyJelly

    For Sale  Moving Sale 720G, 240G, Stingrays, Datnoids, Oscars and Catfish

    Have a moving coming up next year and trying to start parting with some of my tanks and fish before then. Open to offers and can get more pics upon request. Unable to ship any fish so only doing pickups. Aquariums and other parts are open for shipping but at the buyers expense. I have a 720...
  19. T

    FREE  Marble Achara Catfish free to good home

    Somewhere around 27", currently housed in 400 gal pond. Free to anyone with a tank/pond big enough.