1. F

    Beautiful but Jerk(ish) Anostomus & other HEADSTANDERS

    HEADSTANDERS are a loosely related group of South American ‘characins’, in two families (ANOSTOMIDAE and CHILODONTIDAE). Their name comes from the habit of frequently standing in near vertical position, and performing antics while feeding (sometimes upside down), hiding, or otherwise just...
  2. D

    For Sale  Striped Pike Characin ~ 6"

    I have 6 of what I think are Striped Pike Characin, Boulngerella lateristriga, all about 6" or a little bit more. I got these by mistake today and have no system for them in the long term (really even the short term). Let me know if you're interested - I won't ship unless you want to provide...
  3. Blakewater

    I Finally Caught It On Video!!!

    Firstly, sorry for the dirty acrylic. Feedings are wet and wild over here and I didn’t expect my Tat to be so bold today. For the past few weeks I’ve seen what I thought was my Tat taking bites of food (mainly shrimp) from the corner of my eye. Once or twice during my pellet feedings I could...
  4. F

    Help! Is this a parasite or illness?

    I noticed this red “thing” on my African Pikes tail and I don’t know what it is. Can some tell me if this is dangerous? I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ve attached some images. If anyone knows what this is please help. Thank You.
  5. ptgabrys

    For Sale  VAFT pellet trained

    Selling my 13" Hydrocynus vittatus. Had this guy for a little over a year, raised him from 3". He is fully pellet trained and in excellent condition. Feel free to contact me for further pictures/videos and more information @2673150338
  6. Luxury Fish Keeping

    ATF ID VATF or TATF? Id please

    I have an 8-10" ATF, can someone please ID VATF or TAFT? Best photos I can take for now. Thanks
  7. neko1


    I heard on this forum that there are 3 types of hejuta gars. I have 3 hejuta's right now, 1 is from another shop then the other 2. And they look different to me, can anyone tell me if they are the same species or different? One has a yellow tail and Is lighter in color the other 2 have a...
  8. RocketGarStar

    Diamond Tetra VS. Krib Cichlid?

    Okay, so, I've absolutely never seen this before - but I recently just bought a pair (Male and female) of kirbensis cichlids for my 29 gallon community. I have had a school of 6 diamond tetras for since I got the 29 up and running, and the leader of this school is the biggest, flashiest diamond...
  9. AquaScape

    Hydrolycus armatus up for grabs!

    We have some beautiful looking Armatus here at aquascapeonline going for $150 at 4"-5" & 6"-7" going for $200!
  10. S

    Looking for any of the african tiger species in uk?!

    Been looking for a while now for a african tigerfish cant seem to find any in the uk, england? Any species vittatus goliath brevis etc
  11. FishBeast

    My Erythrinus erythrinus

    Hello! Wanted to share a little video of my red wolf. Got him off eBay for about $70. Quarantined for a couple of months in a 10G. Now in a 29G by itself until I figure out if I want to mix him in with my polys... The video is from April, since then he has put on maybe an inch? I feed him...
  12. greenerinks

    Every good story comes to an end... the death of my monster GATF

    Today I write to my fellow MFKers with deep sorrow. I am absolutely devastated.. didn't realize I had truly become quite attached to this beast.. Last night, I struggled for 3 hours trying to save this monster.. I realized something was wrong as the power to my tanks were off so I go check the...
  13. Hendre

    Exodon questionsn stuff

    Good morning mfk. This weekend I am getting my first large tank (250litres) to start setting it up and will be getting the fish in 2 weeks I am going to build a DIY canister like the one by @UaruJoey on YouTube with a 1200-1500 lph pump The dimensions are 120x45x45 roughly First. So how many...