1. P

    For Sale  MA: Bulk aquarium supplies and set up aquariums CHEAP!!

    Located in northeast Massachusetts, must pick up. I am getting out of the hobby(simply don’t have the time for it anymore) and am looking to get rid of all of my accumulated supplies. There is well over $1500 worth of equipment here that has been used for a year or less. Take all or nothing $700...
  2. F

    1-2 Fish for a 29 Gallon Tank

    I am looking for 1-2 fish that can live in my 29-gallon for its whole life. They don't need to be the same species. Please note I said 1 or 2, I'm not looking for a school. They shouldn't be teeny little fish, looking for something good sized. Needs to be relatively easy to keep, easy to find...
  3. J

    For Sale  New Life Spectrum 5lb buckets for sale (4)

    I have four New Life Spectrum large buckets for sale. Getting out of the hobby and these pails are brand new, never opened never used. 2 buckets of All purpose formula in 1mm sinking pellet 2 buckets of Medium fish formula in 2mm sinking pellets These buckets go for $68 at Big Al's etc. Im...
  4. H

    Water Cow Goby

    I live in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Im so sorry but can anyone ship one to me for super cheap? I dont got alot of money, and Id take very good care of it!
  5. munchie

    FS | 8.5in tigrinus | $150 | orange county, ca | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 8.5in tigrinus What are your prices?: 150 Where are you located?: orange county, ca Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: selling my tigrinus. asking $150 FIRMED. NO PAYMENTS OR TRADES. NOT IN RUSH TO SELL SO...
  6. GamerChick5567

    Cheap Ghetto Pond Ideas?

    Hey guys, need some halp. A bit confused on what direction I should go. The baby common goldfish I rescued off of craigslist need to come out of that 10 gallon quarantine. No luck finding a home for them yet and I don't want them to get stunted since they seem to have grown a little even with a...
  7. GamerChick5567

    I made a new breeder box!

    Hopefully this will be the right place to post this, and not the breeding section. Also hopefully my formatting is ok since I'm new here. Anyway today I had to make a new fry box for my 90 gallon. Here's the story, last night I tried to rescue some of my 1 month old convicts. They kept...
  8. PatrickMW36

    Petsmart Nat Geo products(dirt cheap sale)

    Hey just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I rarely go to petsmart but I ran out of conditioner and went to go pick some up. When there I found out that a lot of their locations are discontinuing the Nat geo products. And their remaining stock is selling for 10%-30% of the original price. I...
  9. J

    Diy overhead sump filter

    So i have just been looking out for ways to create my own diy filter and i came up with one that is pretty basic buy seems to work pretty well, i created 2 one with a pump that runs 900lph and one that running 3000lph into a 15 storage container with 20ml pvc pipe for water outlet also used...
  10. festaedan

    Cichlids and Monsters for Cheap! Pu/Mu/Sh Potomac MD

    Hey guys Need to move a couple cichlids hopefully before the storm. If you want some nice fish for a low price before the snow storm, I have what you need. These guys (minus the tilapia) were living with my stingrays but they all nipped a ray at one time or another so they gotta go. Before I...