1. Z

    Now on MFK!!! - serving Chicago area

    Hello, Very excited to become an official MFK vendor. We are based out of the northwester edge of Dunning in Chicago (soon to be Des Plaines) and only provide local pickup of fish, absolutely no shipping under any circumstance, please don't ask. Through the focus on local sales only with some...
  2. R

    For Sale  look for 5-7 inch smallmouth bass and a largemouth or spotted bass

    willing to trade 5-7 inch oscar and 4-6 inch azul peacock bass
  3. Ihsnshaik

    Chicagoland Pet shops

    So it is hard to find some good pet shops for cichlids,rays and oddball fish in the Chicagoland area. I can name a few that are good but wanted to know where you guys shop at? I live in the Downers Grove area so ill start Bolingbrook/Schaumburg Aquarium adventure- They're stock is okay not...