1. kno4te

    April 2021 - POTM contest - submit your pics!

    Starting this month of with POTM. Taking photos till the April 15th. Voting will begin immediately the next day. Email and rules below. Thanks! Email pics here Please provide ur username and place POTM in the heading. As always please follow the rules for POTM...
  2. kno4te

    May 2020 - POTM Contest - Vote now!

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  3. kno4te

    Congrats to the March 2020 POTM winner, midasman714!

    Congrats to @midasman714 for winning POTM in March. Great photo of a great looking fish. Next month will be TOTM will be accepting submissions on April 1. @Gourami Swami will be heading that! Thanks to all who participated. Appreciate it! Let’s keep the same level of interest for next month...
  4. kno4te

    March 2020 - POTM contest - Vote now!

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  5. kno4te

    Submissions for March POTM 2020!

    Hello mfk. It’s the first POTM for 2020. Let’s get those submissions in. The rules are the same as before. Posted toward the bottom of this post. Will stop accepting submissions on March 15. The voting will begin the next day. Email all photos to: Rules...
  6. kno4te

    Congratulations to Shadowstryder for winning 2019 POTY.

    Congrats to @ShadowStryder for your winning photo. Great action shot showing off a beautiful ray. By the way you have also won a prize and will be hearing from me.
  7. kno4te

    Congratulations to Heretix for winning 2019 TOTY

    Congrats to @heretix for an awesome tank scape. Making a lot of members jelly with that one! Now you’ve got share ur secrets with us all. Also, since you’ve won you’ll be getting a prize for ur photo. You’ll be hearing from me. So to the other tank specialists out there keep submitting those photos.
  8. kno4te

    2019 Tank of the Year! Vote now!

    It’s that time again for TOTY voting. We have some great tanks. I know I have a favorite. Thanks to all those who participated. Let’s make 2020 a better year for mfk! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  9. kno4te

    2019 Photo of the Year! Vote now!

    Time to vote for POTY. Sorry for the delay as it’s been the holidays. Here are the posts. A few but we do have alternating contests and transition for the contests to be under myself and @Gourami Swami. Thanks to all those who participated. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. kno4te

    Congrats to the December 2019 POTM winner, marcusyon!

    Congratulations to @marcusyon for your winning photo. A bigs thanks to all those who entered for the last contest of 2019.
  11. kno4te

    October 2019 - POTM Contest Poll - Vote Now!

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  12. kno4te

    Congrats to the August 2019 POTM winner, Gage Zamrzla!

    Congrats to @Gage Zamrzla with your arowana photo. Incredible picture! Thank you to all the members who participated. The number of submissions was mind keep it up! Don’t forget that @Gourami Swami will be doing the next TOTM and begins today.