Congratulations to Heretix for winning 2019 TOTY


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Dec 24, 2005
Congrats to OTp1144 OTp1144 for an awesome tank scape. Making a lot of members jelly with that one! Now you’ve got share ur secrets with us all. Also, since you’ve won you’ll be getting a prize for ur photo. You’ll be hearing from me. So to the other tank specialists out there keep submitting those photos. 2E8B0D06-042F-4DD5-B148-86F3391C637D.jpeg


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Oct 7, 2013
Swimmin' with the fishes
Thank you everyone!! I seriously never thought I'd win. I guess seeing it every day makes you not appreciate it as much, but I'll say seeing it through y'alls eyes has given me a renewed appreciation. But I will say it doesn't look like this anymore. The Val has pretty much taken over haha. My build thread will show you just how much.

As for how I did it: 20/40 grit black diamond blasting sand @~3" deep. It's a 300 gallon deep and there's 550 lbs of sand in it. I've got two 4 foot 6500k led lights and 3 finnex planted+ along the back and Val side. Beyond that, I honestly just kinda dropped everything in and let it sink where it may. I planted the plants in areas I wanted them and just let them go nuts. So in short, I tried to let nature do it.

As I've always said about this tank, there are multiple 11-12" fish (bichirs and a bgk) in there that I go days without seeing, or only see during feeding, because it's such a jungle. And when I do finally see them, their fat with stunning colors. That's how i know I'm doing something right.

I personally feel as hobbyists we should strive to replicate our pet's natural habitats as best we can. Yes fish are pretty to look at and interact with, but I like to see them act as they would in the wild even more. After nearly 10 years in the hobby I feel I'm as close to that as I've ever been.

So once again thanks for all the kind words everyone! And the mfk staff for hosting these giveaways.