cichlid breeding

  1. D

    For Sale  Red Terror Festae and Christmas Cichlid for Sale

    1 Large Festae (Red Terror) Male 8-9 inches $80 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Female 6 inches $70 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Male 6 inches $60 1 Xystichromis phytophagus (Christmas Cichlid) 5 inches $15 I am located in Santa Ana, CA. You can come here and see the fish first, we can meet, or I...
  2. N

    3 angelfishes paired up!!!

    I have 75 gallon tank with 8 angels and 5 guppies.. and I have two PVC pipes places on both corners. Now there are 3 angels in one corner (2 males and 1 female). One male mainly protect the territory and other two take care of the eggs. Is it common in angelfish?? And if i wanna move this pair...
  3. Norrell Williams

    Does anyone keep parachromis friedrichsthalii patanos

    I have a pair coming in soon just wanted a little more info on them not much info on the web about them
  4. Mr geophagus

    How do I breed Kribensis Cichlids?

    Hi. I recently got a breeding pair of Kribensis Cichlids. Is there any advice or tips and tricks for breeding them? Tank size, ph, kh, gh, tankmates, etc.?
  5. butchie

    Building a fish room

    So We have settled down in a house, the babies are getting older, and life is in general more stable. I decided to convert our garage into a workshop/fishroom. Currently I have a 150g and 2 40 g set up on sponge filters/canisters. This weekend I aquired some used tanks from someone getting...
  6. BMG94

    African Cichlid finally had babies

    My male peacock cichlid and the mystery silver Cichlid female had mated and she had babies in a nursery net, it's been five days now and the babies have grown quite a bit.. lol I have video of them that I'll be posting later on just to let people observe
  7. PGJE

    convicts breeding or fighting?

    I recently got two small convict cichlids. The male is always attacking the female, and she has some small bite marks on her tail. The person at the pet store told me the male was trying to breed with the female, but I found it strange that he would bite her fins. :( Help please!!!
  8. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Festivum breeding after a DAY in my tank?!?

    So yesterday I decided to create a SA community and brought the following X10 black widow tetras X5 Brazilian festivums X2 apistogramma wilhemi Immediately after adding the largest festivum (just under 4 inches) and a 3inch festivum paired off and became aggressive protecting a corner of the...