1. Cichlids keeper

    What is a red lava Cichlid

    What is a red lava? I think they are a hybrid between flowerhorns and red Texas but I am not sure. Any pics and or information is appreciated.
  2. Cichlids keeper

    What type of Black Nasty is this one?

    I know there are two types of Black Nasties, but I can't tell which types this one is. If anyone know please tell me.
  3. T

    OB Peacock Cichlids breeding

    Hey guys! This question has probably been asked a billion times but I'll ask again just because I can't find it anywhere online. What two subspecies of African cichlids breed to create OB or RB peacocks? I can take the wild card guess and assume you take a yellow one and breed it with a blue...
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Show me your older Cichlids!

    I am interested in the affects of aging on Cichlids. If you have a Cichlid that is about about 3/4 through its lifespan please show me. This also includes hybrids and African Cichlids but there is no section for Cichlids in general so I posted it here.
  5. M

    Cichlids keep dying after around 2 weeks

    I've had this 65 gallon aquarium for over a year and haven't been able to keep any fish alive for more than 2weeks except for my striped Raphael Catfish and mystery snail. Water temp is at 79, pH is 7.7, nitrates around 20, nitrites 0, KH 40, GH 60 and ammonia between 0 and 0.25. I have one...
  6. Cichlids keeper

    Can all cichlid species be shortbody.

    Do individuals in all species of Cichlids have the possibility of being short bodies? Like a Midas or a Synspilum? Also I know many people don't like short bodies but I don't want to start to a war in this thread, so please don't go after other people.
  7. Cichlids keeper

    Short body Midas?

    I saw this photo on Instagram and I was wondering if short body midas are a thing.
  8. Cichlids keeper

    Just reposting this thread for more info

    I just wanted to repost this thread for more info so here's some information on God of wealth/Rajah Cichlasoma Mania/ I can't speak Chinese and I don't trust Google translate. This hybrid is 20 inches long and was produced by Happy Breeding Farms in Taiwan, I haven't heard anything about it...
  9. Cichlids keeper

    Rose Queen fertility

    Are Rose Queens fertile?
  10. Cichlids keeper

    Carpintis Nuchal Hump

    Can carpintis get a large Nuchal Hump?If so does anyone have a pic of one with a large Nuchal Hump, or at least one with the largest Nuchal Hump you've seen?
  11. the animal guy

    For Sale  5” blue Texas , 3” cencu Flowerhorn , ca 91745

    Pick up only ca 91745 pm if interested
  12. perun28

    For Sale  Monster cichlids and gar

    Hi guys. I'm shutting down my tank and have for sale :
  13. Cichlids keeper

    What is a Yuan Bao Blood Parrot?

    What is a Yuan Bao Blood parrot, and does anyone have pictures of one?
  14. Cichlids keeper

    Angelfish Mirror trick

    Can a mirror be used to draw out a Nuchal Hump from a male angelfish? I was wondering because it works for Flowerhorns so I just wanted to know.
  15. Cichlids keeper

    My end goal for a Red Texas line.

    This is my end goal for a Red Texas line, this isn't really talking about the time it would take to make a line or those things, just my goal. Large short body with a square like shape. Semi water kok/a water kok that is on the smaller side. Thick white pearling and a cherry red color for the...
  16. stiker

    Wild Caught Hypselecara Temporalis - Ucayali River

    Hello, I have just received a group of 5 wild caught Hypselecara Temporalis that were collected in the Ucayali river in Peru. The fish range in size from around 2.25 inches up to 2.75 inches (6 - 7 cm) and I have included photos and a short video (they are not the greatest photos / video) of...
  17. the animal guy

    For Sale  Male Blue texas Carpinti , CA

    He’s 9” Located at ca 91745
  18. Cichlids keeper

    Tell me about your oldest lived Flowerhorn.

    As mentioned above please tell me about your oldest lived Flowerhorn. How long did it live or has lived so far, what strain was it, etc.
  19. Cichlids keeper

    Kamfa Flowerhorn Breeders

    Is there anyone who breeds Flowerhorns similar to this Kamfa? Image is from Flowerhornsrus
  20. C

    What kind of peacock do I have?

    Just got a 5 inch peacock and was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of species it is.