1. getmethatgeoplease

    Can Gymnogeophagus Balzanii do well in a 75 gal?

    Was looking at different types of Geophagus and came across this fish. Have had red heads and Threadfin before but know nothing really about the Balzanii. I saw they are cool temp but not sure if they would need a larger tank once full grown. Also, what other fish can be kept with them?
  2. C

    For Sale  6” Male Geophagus Brasiliensis

    Pearl cichlid for sale.
  3. P

    FREE  150 tank , supplies, and a few cichlids, free with takedown and removal

    Our work is moving and we have a 150 gallon tank that needs to be removed asap. It has 9 or 10 cichlids in there and a pleco. If you come pick it up, you can have everything free.
  4. R

    200 gal predatory stocking ideas

    G'day So I'm considering buying a 200 gallon tank for stocking primarily a few large cichlids or possibly other predatory fish. I plan on raising them from as young as i can find them all the way to adulthood in this tank. I've read read Oscars have the most personality so I'm hoping for a...
  5. F

    For Sale  FS: Male Grammode in SFV 91335

    Doesn’t work well with current tank mates, looking to get what I paid for it $50. In Reseda 91335
  6. T

    Mbuna or peacocks?

    I am confused with two of my cichlids and need help identifying what kind of cichlids are they. pics attached. Thanks in advance
  7. V

    For Sale  Fader flowerhorn

    About 4.5-5 inch Male Just faded about 1 and half weeks ago. Pick up in los angeles or i can deliver with a fee 250 with 4 parrots included Pm if interested
  8. H

    Cichlids & Bass hitting food top water in 3000 gallon aquarium

    Just a fun video of my South American Cichlids and Peacock Bass hitting their food top water in their 3000 gallon planted aquarium.
  9. F

    For Sale  L155 Adonis Pleco 7 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, time to let my Adonis go. He's bullying the other plecos now. He's beautiful and healthy specimen. Only way to picture was to catch him out of the tank. Note pickup only, in Lake Forest, Ca
  10. m_sol

    New flowerhorn black?

    Just picked up this female flowerhorn. Seen it multiple times at my LFS and she was always the same dark color. Any idea what the strain of FH she might be?
  11. m_sol

    Can someone help identify my FH's and what they have on their fin and body

    Currently in 75 gal grow out tank. The bigger one laid eggs but the eggs turned white 2 days later. The first one is female and second male. They paired up idk if the male is infertile. Thanks in advance!
  12. T

    For Sale  Daemons

    Group of adult Satanoperca daemons (7" - 9")
  13. F

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana - Orange Spot 15 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, sadly I have to remove my well cared for Jardini. I've had him for about two years now raised from 4 inches. Super healthy and only fresh food for diet, worms, mealworms, shrimp, mussels and silversides. I don't believe in processed pellet food. He is quiet aggressive now...
  14. T

    Shy Blue Acaras

    Hello everyone, I have 90 gallon tank stocked with 4 blue acaras, 2 angel fish, and a dwarf pleco. The tank has been set up for about 4 months and all the fish get along great luckily! However, the acaras are still very shy even though I have a fair amount of decorations and the light is an LED...
  15. Benthebassmaster

    Pike cichlid in a 40 gallon tank.

    Is there a type of pike cichlid that is good for a 40 gallon tank. I think dwarf pikes are cool but they are pretty small and I was wondering if there was another pike that could be in a 40 breeder. So what would be a type of pike for a 40 breeder.
  16. N

    Flowerhorn eat eggs.

    Hi guys, just a quick question. If the male flowerhorn eats the female eggs rather than fertilizing it, does it mean he's infertile or just not interested? Should I give it a few more tries? Oh, and also, if the female eggs doesn't stick to surface, are the eggs duds? Only some eggs stuck to...
  17. Cammo X

    Pure Trimac?

    What's your opinion on this Trimac, does it look pure to you? There's a few getting around in Australia currently being sold as pure but some are unsure. Fish is the largest out of a handful of Juveniles about 3.5-4in. Photos are with room lights to show speckling, sorry about the glare.
  18. T

    Types of tile in aquarium.

    Hello. I am curious about which tile is safe for the aqaurium? I am looking at few different ones at Lowes;absolute black polished natural stone granite floor tile, natural stone pebble floor and wall tile(river rock), and glossy ceramic wale tile. Any other ideas are welcomed. I am doing a diy...
  19. C

    What is your favorite African Cichlid?

    My favorite is Frontosa. I have four juveniles with a Dubosi and an out of place Electric Blue Acara. What is your favorite African Cichlid?