1. Black Tuna

    For Sale  Red Terror, Red Tiger Mota, Blue Texas

    >F2 Red Terrors 1"-1.5" $8ea / 1.5"-2" $14ea / 2"-2.5" $20ea >Blue Texas "Escondido" 1"-1.5" $8ea / 1.5"-2" $15ea / 2"-2.5" $22ea >Red Tiger Mota fry .75" - 1" $6ea Pics of breeder parents or fry below
  2. D

    Oscar’s fins turning black

    Just trying to make sure nothing is wrong with my Oscar, I’ve had him for a few months now and I noticed the last couple weeks his fins have started to turn black. I bought him under the impression that he was an albino Oscar, however after looking up my issue, I read this a normal thing for...
  3. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  4. R

    For Sale  9" Cuban

    9" Female Cuban Cichlid for sale. $150.
  5. V

    For Sale  11 male carpintis

    Healthy male huge and thick pick up los Los Angeles....
  6. FuriousFish

    Can I get an ID on these bass?

    I picked these guys up the other day for 20 bucks each, they are a little rough around the edges. The small one is blind in one eye, the darker one has clouded eyes, and the big guy has the early stages of HITH. I’ve had them for a couple days now and they do seem to be improving a bit already...
  7. mattybecks

    Larvophile mouthbrooders in action

    Hello chaps and chapettes My Geophagus Tapajos have yet another batch of fry, thought I would try and get some close ups of their larvophile mouthbrooding behavior. My colony of 7 geos is about 2.5 years old now. The largest is just shy of 17cm, and the smallest just over 12cm.
  8. H

    Anybody knows what is this hole?

    Hi, sorry for the poor photo, the fish is in a poorly lit hospital tank. I am trying to figure out what that hole in the head is. See the white mark on the photo? That's actually a crater in the head... Some context, I got this Flowerhorn 2-3 months ago. Thanks to COVID I didn't have a chance...
  9. S

    What is F1 Kamfa?

    Certain articles telling that a F1 kamfa or we can say a Classic kamfa is the result of breeding between Vieja species like Vieja synspilum & Vieja hartwegi. Some articles written that F1 is the result of ZZ flowerhorn & Red head cichlid (Vieja sp.). Please clarify which one is correct?
  10. S

    Need help

    So I bought some Cichlids for my tank I have 4 unknown species I'm pretty sure I have an idea on a few of them ones an Albino Socolofi Cichlid ones a Red Zebra Cichlid and then another is blue and the last one looks like a Auratus Cichlid. Basically I want them to breed I really don't know much...
  11. Black Tuna

    For Sale  Red Terror fry 1"-1.5"

    Red Terror - M. Festae fry available 1"-1.5" $9ea PM or email me if interested Parents below
  12. Black Tuna

    For Sale  Blue Texas - H. Carpintis 1-2"

    "Escondido" H. Carpintis aka Blue Texas available up to 2" $8/inch. PM or email if interested
  13. P

    Krobia Red Cheek Xinguensis

    Very little info online about ideal parameters or triggers for breeding these. I understand that they are now extinct in the wild. I've have what was sold to me as a young breeding pair about a year and a half ago, before the Brazilian dam was built that eradicated their native habitat. I...
  14. S

    Help sexing peacock cichlid

    Hey another post sorry! I was hoping someone could help me Sex this fish as well. At times the anal fin looks rounded and at other times its looks sharp at the end. I tried checking manually but I wasn’t too sure on the results, his coloration makes it hard. He/ she also has egg spots. Please...
  15. S

    Is this a female or male OB?

    Hey just wondering if this new peacock I got is a male of female. I’m on edge about both options, the fin looks rounded so I’d say female but it’s also been aggressive towards my alpha male. Let me know!
  16. I

    Green severum bacterial infection?

    Hey guys. I have had this green severum for a pretty long time and over the last few months it has developed these torn up lips along with a singular ich like spot on the tip of its fin. It has been exactly like this for months, so that means through various types medications such as paraguard...
  17. H

    Male or Female Jag?

    Hi there, I got this fellow here, was told it's a male by former owner but then I am seeing ads online for a female jag that basically looks the same as my male... Which casted some doubts in my mind. I looked at a bunch of videos and articles trying to determine this but I am still unsure...
  18. JESTERX626

    For Sale  WC lake guatape and rio claro umbee’s

    Male lake guatape umbee 12-14” $180. Extreme blue freckling, fins and scales have a red base color. Male Rio claro umbee 14-16 $180. Known for their gold coloration, amazing eater. both purchased from Umbee King. pickup in Rowland heights 91748, bring a large net. Feel free to text me at...
  19. CassowaryHunter

    Help identifying gender and type maybe?

    Hi all, I recently came across 2 flowerhorns, I have pics I need identified, was told big one male and yellow one female but dorsal fin marking suggest otherwise, please help.
  20. Cichlids keeper

    Has anyone ever made a crystal Mammon?

    Has anyone ever made a crystal Mammon, btw I mean the actual Mammons from Taiwan like this one For those who don't know a crystal parrot is red Texas x Blood parrot, they look like this one which is not mine.