1. B

    Opinions on keeping multiple Crenicichla in one aquarium

    I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions on keeping multiple crenicichla together. I have a 150 gallon 24w 30tall and 48 wide. With: -Bumblebee oscar -Rosemarie pike -KK Blood parrot -Kelberi Peacock bass -Chocolate pleco I‘d like to add another crencichla. Would this result in more aggression? All...
  2. MetalRavioli

    Established tank crash? How to get back on track?

    Hello MFK! Anyone who's seen my posts knows that I have a 90 gallon tank with a leopard ctenopoma, and six keyhole cichlids. (two of which have paired) I cycled the tank itself in The summer, and added the fish to the tank in July. Until now, there have been no issues with water quality at all...
  3. S

    Dovi sexting help

    Haven’t posted on here in quite some time. I picked up this dovi few months ago having no idea what sex it was, now that it’s have grown a bit I’m leaning towards a female from the gold color and lack of spots on the tail. Just wanna see what kind of trouble I’m looking at as it grows seeing...
  4. B

    FREE  Midas x Redhead for sale

    About 10 inches long pick up only
  5. MetalRavioli

    Keyhole Cichlid illness Identification + Treatment

    Hello MFK! I have a 90 gallon tank with a leopard ctenopoma and 6 keyhole cichlids. Two of these cichlids seem to be less dominant, and therefore have not grown much since I purchased them in June. This one in particular however started acting strange recently, and was not very active as all...
  6. Z

    Afromastacembelus frenatus

    Has anyone had any experience keeping these eels with other fish/cichlids? I've researched, and it says they should be good as long as the fish are not overly aggressive or too small. What would classify as "too small"? Is there a general measurement like under 2" is too small? And any others...
  7. MetalRavioli

    New food now that fish have grown?

    Heyo MFK! I purchased my 6 keyhole cichlids and leopard ctenopoma when they were very little. Since then, I've been feeding them bug bites and an occasional carnivore pellet for the ctenopoma. However, both the ctenopoma and most of the cichlids are quite larger now, and I'd like to get them on...
  8. B

    FREE  Free Festae Cichlids

    Have a male around 8-9”, and 3 juveniles around 3-4”. Have them in a small grow out tank and no local pet shop are willing to take and they’re out growing the grow out tank. Free but must pick up.
  9. mr cichlid

    For Sale  Egg layers

    Different sizes and species
  10. F

    For Sale  Central/South American fish for sale

    I am changing my stocking and am posting these guys up for sale. Some of these fish have been with me for years and are doing amazing. Pickup only and videos can be sent upon request. Open to trade for some rays, rainbowfish and plecos. Fish available Black belt xl 12in+ —— $150 Black belt...
  11. K

    Geophagus megasema for bichir tank

    Hello, I was planning on adding fish to either my empty (2'x2'x9') or (2'x2'x7'), maybe the latter. But I'm not super familiar with cichlids, but liked the earth eater cichlids for a tank primarily for upper jaw bichir around 13-15". The temperature I was thinking between 24-26C (75-78F). The...
  12. Whoisjaime

    Fire mouth Breeding 180gallon monster tank

    Just wanted to share a little about about my Firemouth Cichlids. After about a month in my 180 gallon tank we had our first batch of fry that are now swimming freely. Will be moving them and sharing their phases of growth over time in a 10 gallon breeder tank. Please feel free to ask any questions!
  13. MitchGlitch23

    For Sale  Albino Oscar + Clown Knife

    Hello everyone I'm looking to sell my 12 inch oscar and 5 or 6 inch clown knife. Let me know if you are interested both are on cichlid pellets I can provide a little bit of the pellets to get you started with food. Thanks
  14. C

    Polar blue parrot/HRP short behavior help?

    I believe this is the appropriate place to post this if not just delete or let me know. I inherited 7 of these polar blue or HRP I’m not sure what the most accurate name for them is, a few days ago I noticed their behavior/colors changed it seems like 2 maybe 3 pairs are attempting to breed or...
  15. M

    For Sale  Fish for sale Inland Empire

    Hi, im located in The inland empire and im looking to sell or trade (preferably trade) my current stock please send me a text for the pictures :) 951-905-3584 14” Fahaka Puffer $200 10” SB SRD Male Flowerhorn $100 12” Albino Oscar $35 6.5” festae hybrid $20 6” Male Umbee $50 3” Red dovii $35 3”...
  16. Plec123

    For Sale  Group of 4 red head tapajos geos

    Selling a group of 4 Geophagus sp. red head tapajos. All between 2.5" and 3". Doing well and eating pellets. All fish have been with me for a couple months now. Pickup/meetup only in NJ. $100 for the group, will not split.
  17. Xnhx

    Tankmates for Firemouth Shoal

    Hey all. I recently upgraded to a 75 gallon tank for my Firemouth and have decided to start a shoal of 5 to more closely replicate their habitat. I have australian rainbowfish and tiger barbs with him right now, but am rehoming the rainbows for a different schooling fish. Which leads to my...
  18. m_sol

    For Sale  Cichlids for sale

    I have a couple of cichlids for sale, very aggressive. Male Jagovii $300 12” Female FH X Red Managuense $60 Female Magma red fader Flowerhorn $120. Pick up only thanks! Accept offers
  19. MitchGlitch23

    For Sale  Jaguar cichlid

    Hello everyone I got a 5 to 6 inch jaguar cichlid I'm looking to sell. $15 will do, I'm from Lewis Center Ohio so if you're local we can meet, or if you're out of state let me know and maybe we can work something out. Shipping will cost more and you run the risk of it dying during that so I...
  20. Xnhx

    Firemouth Shoal or Cichlid Mix?

    I am currently in the process of setting up a 75 gallon as an upgrade from my 55 gallon. I have 1 adult male firemouth, 5 tiger barbs, and 6 rainbowfish as well. I may leave the schooling fish in the 55 but they are honestly all some of the most docile fish, even the tiger barbs, so who knows...