1. M

    For Sale  Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter, up to 250 US Gal (1000 L)

    This filter is AMAZING! I have only had it 2 weeks but I scored a deal on a 400 gallon tank and this will not be enough for me. Timing was never my strong suit - haha. But you can have a MINT perfect Fluval FX4 for much less than retail! This was plugged in to a (non planted, no fish, empty...
  2. GoldFinger

    Water Circulation - POST YOUR THEORIES PLEASE

    Hey MFKers, I would like to hear about your experience or thoughts on the ideal flow/circulation throughout your freshwater aquariums. I’m new(ish) to the hobby but have researched how good circulation can prevent thermal layering, create currents for our fish, and most importantly lift debris...
  3. S

    poop problem :(

    I will make this message short because I had brain surgery which led to aphasia > language problem. 180 Gallon. I have a big overhead filter. pumps is 1700 liter / hour. Cut a section of the aquarium / 6 inch and / made an internal filter. 2500 liter / hour. Thouse filter are filled with 5...
  4. koizilla714

    is food coloring safe for fish?

    Hey guys, I wanna visually see the water flow/circulation in my tank will it be safe to add food coloring in my tank without harming my fishes? Or is there any special kind of dye for that? Thanks
  5. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...
  6. R

    265 gallon FW gyre?

    I am almost done setting up my 265 and was thinking about picking up a gyre for my tank. It will have a sump and canister and plenty of filtration but i am doubting the amount of circulation i will have. Sand bottom, driftwood, caves, pvc, no plants. Uv sterilizers and algae scrubbers and all...
  7. ShanerBock888

    Proper Circulation - 500 Gallon Plywood

    I just finished buying all the materials to build my 500 gallon plywood tank, and before I start construction I just wanted to get some feedback on my setup in terms of circulation. I've never had a tank this size and I can't seem to find any definitive guide to keeping water properly...