1. quasar

    What is this stuff?

    So for the passed few months this algae fur looking stuff grows in my aquarium. It grows on any surface, and is even on the glass (can scrape it off at least). Any ideas what this is and how I can get rid of it?
  2. R

    For Sale  10" Clean 3 Bar Datnoid

    Super thick 10" clean 3 bar datnoid Eats pellets Pickup only
  3. Narwhal

    Burrowing Snails

    I am curious about all the different burrowing snails out there. I know MTS is very common, but often is labeled as a pest, but it seems like it doesn't have many downsides, are their any besides lots of snails? like do they head delicate plants or damage roots. They look kind of pretty in many...
  4. R

    Reverse osmosis and 3 channel doser

    Ok my buddy is getting rid of a lot of fish equipment and he is willing to cut me a deal on his ro unit and 3 channel doser as well. As i am just getting into the larger tanks and attempting to step out of the complete amateur department, would these be worth it to have for my Freshwater tank...
  5. redfish1

    How to grow Oscars fast?

    I have brought 4 Tiger Oscars from a local fish store.I keep them in a 300 Gallons tank with 2 Cat fishes,1 Giant Gourami and 1 Snakehead fish.I want to grow my Oscars upto maximum size they grow and I want MFK's help to grow them fast and maximum.