community fish

  1. Rensille

    Large Cichlids that play nice with tankmates?

    Hi! I want to set up a new tank for medium to larger sized cichlids as they seem to be the most colorful fish around and I have no idea which ones go well in a community tank besides severums and geophagus eartheaters from what i heard most cichlids tend to be aggressive. I would like to know...
  2. M

    Housing 2 asian baby arowanas

    I had one baby arowana and got another gift from a friend .. i have kept them both separated by a partition .. just want to know how i can keep them happy as they grow together
  3. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    20 gallon hillstream biotope/ small oddball idea

    Let me know what you think Option 1 20 gallon hill stream biotope (18-20degrees) and lighted with leds Tank dimensions -75x35x40cm (L,D,H) Filtration - 800lph internal filter Substrate - 10kg of 2mm mavi gravel Plants - X5 giant Vallisneria Decor - rounded cobbles and a small piece of manzanita...
  4. N

    Monster fish to small community fish

    I’ve been keeping monster fish and have a huge tank for years now Arowana, Gars, Bass, stingrays etc but have now sold as I’m moving house. I’m thinking of using this tank now as a community tank with small fish what doesn’t come with some of the stress these big fish sometimes give. My...
  5. xDestro

    First tank, fake plants (ik sorry)

    Finally set up my first tank it's in the middle of cycling now. Fake plants ik I'm sorry I'm a newbie but real driftwood and dragon stone. 60 gallon sponge filter 120 canister 4 inch air stone disk Stocking plans: •1 female gold gourami • 1 pleco • 3-4 Roseland sharks • 1-2 bumblebee catfish •...
  6. xDestro

    Electric blue ram community fish?

    I'm setting up a 55 gal community tank and was wondering if an electric blue ram would be okay in it? I'll be running the tank at around 79 degrees with gravel substrate and 1 60 gal sponge filter and a 90 gal canister. I plan on getting a gourami, porthole catfish, a few rose line sharks...
  7. xDestro

    Porthole or hoplo catfish?

    I have a 55 gallon tank in the works and can't decide of which type of catfish I want. The hoplo really stood out to me because it's a more active catfish but it gets a decent size of 8 inches or so. The porthole also caught my attention because they stay smaller but how active are they...
  8. xDestro

    55 stocking

    I'm coming up on being able to stock my 55 and I'm stuck between a bad ass fish or a lot of community fish. My original idea was: • 1 gold gourami • 3 rose line sharks • 1 hoplo catfish • 1 pleco • 1 batia loach • 1 rainbow shark And possibly a few other species such as a cray fish or African...
  9. K

    Sengal Birchir With Electric blue Jack Dempsy

    I have a cycled 55 gallon and wanted to know if a EBJD can live with a Sengal Birchir? I would get them both at tiny sizes
  10. K

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

    Can a EBJD live with a sengal Birchir? I have a cycled 55 gallon and I would get both at tiny sizes.
  11. V

    Species found together in the wild

    I tried google search...but did not get satisfactory results... Species I'm interested are Penguin Tetra , Diamond Tetra , Cardinal Tetra and Rummy Nose Tetra...what species of fish (not only other Tetra species) live together in the wild with these 4 species of tetras (Fish that are available...