cuban cichlid

  1. O

    For Sale  Cuban cichlid pair

    4-5 black Cuban cichlid pairs. egg layer female Healthy male 4-5” Cuban cichlids.. Easy breeding experience that can make $ back
  2. C

    Cuban Cichlid Sex?

    Got one from imperial tropicals in July and don’t know the sex. If someone could help me out.
  3. Edward345

    Is a 75g enough for breeding Cubans?

    Is a 75 gallon aquarium 48x18x21 good enough for a pair of Cuban for breeding?
  4. AquaScape

    Check out some of these newer fish we still have available!

    4"-5" Blue Hook Silver Dollars - $45.oo Ea. 10" Black Devil Wyckii Catfish - $250.oo Ea. 10" Black Wolffish- $250.oo Ea. 5"-6" Jardini Arowana- $160.oo Ea. 3" Snowball Plecos- $25.oo Ea. 2" Clown Plecos- $15.oo Ea. 2" Spotted Rubbernose Plecos - $10.oo Ea. 2" Jaguar Cichlids- $5.oo Ea. Or...
  5. stiker

    Nandopsis Tetracanthus Pair

    Short video of my Nandopsis Tetracanthus Pair, that paired off from a group of 10 growouts. The male is around 4.5 inches and female around 3. They are currently in a 180g tank with a sump accompanied by 5 Melanotaenia I used for dither fish while they were young. Please excuse how short the...
  6. M

    red wolf fish and cuban cichlid

    sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, just made acount. Does anyone know if a red wold and cuban cichlid could be housed in a 60 gallon tank? 48x12x24
  7. F

    Cuban cichlids..any info will help

    Hey guys, i have 6 new Cuban Cichlids, about 2 1/2-3” got them from Repps. Can anyone give me any information on them. I have some information but i wanna heat everyone’s input. Growth rate, foods ex..
  8. B

    Jaguar x Cuban cichlid hybrid female

    Just thought id shoe my female jag x cuban hybrid. Havnt seen any more out there on the internet. She has paired up with a blue flowerhorn i have but i fear he may sterile. The photos arent the best but you can see her pretty well.
  9. S

    Cuban cichlid x vieja hartwegi

    Hi, i just want to know is it possible for these two to cross breed? Because i have a male cuban cichlid and female hartwegi in the same tank. Now these two started showing a sign that they start pairing. Does anyone ever cross breed these fish before? Any pics to share? Thanks.
  10. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Cuban cichlid growth rate ?

    What Is the normal growth rate of a cuban cichlid about 2 weeks ago I purchased a small Cuban cichlid 1.5 inches long it is now 2 inches. It is nowhere near the top of the tank in dominance and was at the bottom when first introduced but has since outgrown my vieja argentea,salvini and is...
  11. F

    Cuban cichlid maturity/breeding

    Hi MFK, I have a 20cm (8 inches for the Americans) female Cuban who I intend to try and breed. I also have 4 smaller Cubans that are approx 5-6 months old (I think), the largest of which is 10cm and I am positive is male. How long/what size should I grow him to before I attempt to try mixing...
  12. B

    Tank stocking

    So my question is if have 1 125 gallon W/ common wolf fish 6 inch Endelzi bichir 6 inch Cuban cichlid 10 inch Jaguar cichlid 8 inch The Cuban and jaguar are a mateing pair I also have a 150 gallon W/red wolf 6 inch Fire eel Black diamond cichlid 4 inch...