cube tank

  1. K

    For Sale  Brand new acrylic 60g cube

    2x2x2 tank made with 1/2” acrylic. Only looking to get $300 which is just making my money back in material costs. Priced to sell fast! I can drill and paint it for added cost. Located in Windham ct. Text or call me 8609177974 *this was a practice tank for me to make*
  2. jonah h2o

    ideas for aquascape 60gal cube tank

    strongly considering a 60gallon cube tank 24" x 24" x 24" I would do it heavily planted but not totally sure how I would aquascape it, I've seen a lot of people use cube tanks like this for saltwater but not freshwater as often wondering if a cube tank is really what I should get or if I should...