1. F

    ideas for 10 gallon no filter aquarium

    i'm doing a 10 gallon no filter tank ( where i use the plants to filter the tank) with a lot of fast growing stem plants grown both submersed and immersed. any ideas for what fish i add and how many. i want some brightly colored fish to contrast with the green plants (as i'm putting the tank in...
  2. Goldenburd

    Long fin leopard danios and long fin blue danios ripping fins off tank mates

    Hi guys i recently got 4 danios and they have been terrorizing the 10 gallon i started to notice that one of the danios attacking the neon tetras , rasbroas and the other tank mates. Theres one danio that their fins are ripped apart and so chunks are missing (photos of that will be posted). I...
  3. Greenboy

    30gal Hill stream midwater fish

    So I'm setting up a 30 gallon hill stream tank with about a 900 gallon per hour flow rate. Most of the flow will be aimed at the bottom of the tank. I'm planning to get all your regular bottom dwelling hill stream species, but I'm in need of some fish for the midwater. Im tempted by Odessa barbs...
  4. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    45 gallon hillstream biotope

    Setting up a fast flow 200litre aquarium with a 2200Lph internal filter and stocked with the following X5 panda loaches X5 reticulated hillstream loaches X5 zebra Danios X5 pearl Danios X5 Leopard Danios X5 white cloud mountain minnows X3 sumo loach Any other fast flowing fish I could add...
  5. 504 Fish Keeper

    Danios as food

    Can I feed danios to JDs?