1. K

    Blue Crystal Aquarium Tour - Dragon’s Den (Singapore with Exports Overseas)

    Hi Everyone, Do check out this video of my visit to Blue Crystal Aquarium (Singapore) Stay till the end of the video for an exclusive interview with Mr Yap from Blue Crystal Aquarium on his professional advice on how to properly groom arowanas to maximize it’s full potential! As well as his...
  2. tomojsg

    For Sale  [FS] 11-12" Jaradini { SoCaL } P/U

    im going a different route so selling my jardini... one of the chillest jardini always kept with others. will pretty much anything! eats cut fresh sea food but also pellet trained so it will eat pellets! pickup at 90703 asking $250- fastest way to get in contact will be to pm ur number where i...
  3. jsoto2005

    Quick Newbie Question..

    New to the forum guys. Would love some frienldy advice on my new tank setup. Have had my 3" RD flowerhorn in a 70Ltr tank for a while. Cichlids are pretty hardy so never took too much notice of water parameters (i know.. i know..) Always did bi weekly water changes and checked my pH tho...
  4. blackbullhead

    Dragon Knife

    Here's a super cool looking wild-caught dragon knifefish, Parapteronotus hasemani from the Amazon River. Really cool light coloration. Most of these get a really dark brown to black color. Sorry the photo is pretty low-res.
  5. O

    Baby monster fish

    Hi I am new to the site but have a nice 75 gallon setup with some baby monster fish. It has a glass bottom with rocks and lots of places to hide and my fish so far are, 2 rope fish, 2 fire eels, one goby dragon, a zig zag eel, a clown knife fish, a peacock eel, a spiny eel, a dinosaur bichir 7...