1. Z

    Afromastacembelus frenatus

    Has anyone had any experience keeping these eels with other fish/cichlids? I've researched, and it says they should be good as long as the fish are not overly aggressive or too small. What would classify as "too small"? Is there a general measurement like under 2" is too small? And any others...
  2. S

    For Sale  Japanese dragon moray eel

    I have 2 feet japanese dragon moray eel
  3. That Trinindad Pleco

    Biggest Eel For A 120 Gallon

    Hi, it’s been a while since I posted here but I may soon get a 120 gallon tank. The dimensions will be 48x24x24 I‘ve always wanted to have an eel and this is my first opportunity where I’ll have a new tank with no other fish going in there. I was wondering what the biggest freshwater for life...
  4. T

    26" Golden Fire Eel with anchor worms

    I have a 26" golden fire eel that came into our store that has anchor worms and I am the one treating it. The tank is connected through the drain to 3 other tanks (plans to change that) I know spiny eels are sensitive to some medications but on this system is also a 20" golden albino african...
  5. That Trinindad Pleco

    Eel For A 125-150 Gallon

    Hi, I recently made a thread about a 180 gallon aquarium, however due to some reasons that will not be possible. I would appreciate some different eels that get at least 18” but would also be able to live out their whole life in a 150 Gallon. (72x18x28) I was looking at a Leopard Eel and I’m...
  6. That Trinindad Pleco

    Tire Track Eel Tank Size

    Hi, I’m planning on getting a Tire Track Eel soon, and I would like to keep it with some semi-aggressive tank mates as well. Please give me any tips about Tire Track Eels, like what they like to eat, as well as good tank mate options. Please give a reason to why you choose that tank size, and...
  7. TheFishDealer

    For Sale  Tanganikan eels

    3 Available $225 each 3/$600, $50 shipping
  8. Siddons11

    For Sale  Moving sale - 300 gallon and stock

    I will be moving houses in the next year and will need to sell everything beforehand. I will need to sell all fish before the tank and equipment is available. Here is what is available: Fish: 14” golden dorado $150 14” flagtail fei feng $100 20” mbu puffer with ulcer on head $200 - willing to...
  9. MetalRavioli

    Fish at LFS!

    Thought you guys would appreciate some pictures I took at my LFS! There’s a Weeksii Bichir, a little axolotl with a worm in his mouth, some African cichlids, a BGK, and this eel who buried his head in some gravel with I thought was peak comedy
  10. S

    Fire Eel problems.

    Hello all, yesterday I obtained a baby (its about 3 inches,) Fire Eel. It has not eaten yet. I understand that it probably is exceptionally stressed about the move. I'm planning on buying some bloodworms for it today and feeding some to him at night. Would this be wise?
  11. xenacanth9

    Strophidon sathete

    Before I get to the point, I just wanna say that this is my 1,000th message. Not particularly important or relevant, in fact, I don't even know why I mentioned it. Anyway, who here has kept Strophidon sathete, the giant slender moray, and what is your experience with them? Does anybody happen...
  12. xenacanth9

    Shortfin eels

    Anyone know where I could get my hands on some shortfin eels, Anguilla australis in the US? Only places I can find them is on AU-based sites, which I feel like would be crazy expensive to ship.
  13. xenacanth9

    Pond recommendations

    I'm setting up a ~1500G pond that I'm planning on adding fish to come summertime. Dimensions are approx. 10' long, 6.5' wide, and 3' deep, and I am planning on setting up a filter anywhere from 6000-9000GPH. This is my first real pond. Coldwater/temperate. I have some ideas, but wouldn't mind...
  14. xenacanth9

    Where to find this eel?

    This is the Bombay swamp eel, Ophichthys indicus. According to Wikipedia, they only reach about 3.3". That doesn't sound right. Has anyone ever kept these? Can anyone attest to this size? I find this species very fascinating, simply because most swamp eels reach absolutely massive sizes, and...
  15. xenacanth9

    Underrated Eels and Where to Find Them - PART II

    I posted this thread on a couple of cool Anguilla ("true" eel) species that are underappreciated in aquariums about a month ago. Well, here is a continuation. Please note that this thread does not include spiny eels, swamp eels, or any other fish that is commonly sold as an eel without actual...
  16. xenacanth9

    Does anyone here keep conger eels?

    Does anyone here have experience with conger eel species on the smaller side? Simple enough question, any advice?
  17. xenacanth9

    Pike Congers

    Does anyone have any info on Pike Congers or where to find them? I think they're sometimes seen at some Asian markets but are practically non-existent in the aquarium trade. Does anyone know where to find them live? Doesn't have to be an aquarium site, can literally be on a food site. Just as...
  18. xenacanth9

    Looking for fish

    Looking for Echidna rhodochilus in the US. Preferably under $50. Any size is fine but preferably 7-15". Is there any place you would recommend to find one? I live in Virginia.
  19. xenacanth9

    Where to find Congresox talabonoides?

    Interesting species, am looking for a live specimen. Little is known about their aquarium care. If anyone knows where to find one, please let me know