1. S

    Fire Eel

    Hey guys, I have a fire eel now for about 2 plus years and he’s about 14-16 inches. Recently I moved the tank around and put a PVC pipe in there for him because I felt he was getting too big for his self made cave under some rocks I have. Recently I’ve noticed that he lays in there upside. At...
  2. A

    Half banded Spiny eels possible breeding??

    Hi everyone, new to this site. I have a 90 gallon fish tank currently with rope fish and half banded spiny eels and I am documenting all kinds of things I haven’t been able to see anywhere else online. I have noticed that my eels are starting to turn colors when they want, they almost...
  3. H

    mastacembelus congicus - congo eel, not feeding

    Hi guys I picked up one these guys, very seldom seen in the hobby apparently, I assume they are similar to other spiny eels care wise. I’ve had this guy about 2 weeks and I’ve yet to see him eat, he’s on his own in a quarantine tank, pvc pipes and some wood, filter wise he’s got two sponge...
  4. DeathStalker

    Eel - Injury Or Something Else?

    I just noticed this on my Tire Track Eel. On a human I would think Ringworm, but no, nothing has been added to the tank and yes, I do multiple water changes per week and test the water. Hoping it's just a slight injury. I know the Nitrate is slightly elevated, and I'm doing a water change...
  5. M

    Baby tire track eel

    hello all, please be gentle as i have only been into keeping fish for a year and a half now, but I accept any criticism along with welcoming it! about a month ago I acquired my baby two-inch tire track eel, its absolutely tiny and I can't help but worry about it. My fellow fish keepers say its...
  6. Pile_O_Rocks

    Half Banded Spiny eel compatibilty.

    Do these eels eat panda corys and rummy nose. These will be the smallest 2 fish in the tank so had to make sure. Thanks.
  7. P

    Fire Eel Tank

    I know for sure adult fire eels need a very large tank. But I currently have 2 - 4” Senegal bichirs, a 3” black ghost knife, and a 9”fire eel in a 75 gallon tank. He seems to be growing quite slow. There was a 9” tire track in there with them but he became aggressive toward my fire eel so he was...
  8. B

    Freshwater Moray

    Hi everyone, I keep a 100 gal tank of Peacocks/Haps and have been wanting to add an eel, not just any eel, I want a challenge, I want something exotic, I want something that stands out. After much research in an attempt to find a freshwater eel that is not a tire track or a fire eel, I have...
  9. M

    Keeping Red Bellied Piranhas With freshwater Moray Eel And Walking Catfish

    Hi I just introduced my two red bellied Piranhasabout 4 inches and 20-23cm long snowflake moray eel with my already existing full grown two walking catfishs. After I introduced them my W. Catfishs didn't bother my eel but it was disturbing my 2 Piranhas. I did put some mud and sand to the...
  10. T

    Fire Eel SOS HELP!!!

    I bought a 3-4" fire eel a month ago. I have a 30 Gal tank with 2 black molly, 2 dwarf gourami, 1 pleco, 1 african dwarf frog, 1 cory catfish, 1 male betta, and my fire eel (All fish are small right now). I don't have any sand on the bottom but I do have small gravel (I was gonna get sand soon)...
  11. Deadliestviper7

    Daggertooth conger?

    anyone keep or know anything about them?
  12. S

    Tank mates for two tanks

    What's up everyone I'm new here so I'll do my best. I have two set ups I'm curious on. The first is a Half Banded Spiny Eel in a 75. I already have it scaped with rocks, driftwood, logs, and caves. The plants all feed from the water column so if uprooted I'll just replant them or let them float...
  13. Cowturtle

    My new baby electric eel

    I just got this electric eel a few days ago. He's already eating out of my hand it's by far the most interactive knifefish I've ever had. I'll use this thread to keep track of his growth and post updates I can't seem to find any good information on young electric eels besides people saying...
  14. Miks786

    Tire Track Vs Fire Eel

    Hey MFK I was wondering, Can i keep a tire track eel and fire eel together? (Both of the same size) Which of the 2 are faster growers? Easier to keep? TIA ;)
  15. Miks786

    Fire eel care???

    Hey guys I’m looking at getting a fire eel tomorrow... Any tips for me? Are they hard to pellet train? Growth rate on them?
  16. T

    New eels new problems!

    Hey yall I got a new spiney eels he’s currently about 14 or so enches long and about an inch in diameter he’s truly beautiful.. but! He incessantly tries to swim into the canisters outflow and he knocks it off and has scraped his head once. Any idea on how to deter him from doing this and...
  17. neko1


    Hello, I would like to start a moray tank. Because of my budget and time the only option is freshwater or brackish. I would like to stay freshwater if that is an option but otherwise brackish would be no problem. I would like to keep Echidna rhodochilus or g. tyle. The leopard freshwatermoray...
  18. T

    Worried about my large fire eel, looking for advice

    Hey everyone I don’t post often and I really should but I’m looking everywhere for advice and this is a likely spot. I’ve got 4 spiny eels right now one 15 inch tire track eel one 5 inch zig zag eel one 10 inch Borneo python eel and my beloved 16 inch fire eel I’ve raised from a baby. He has...
  19. N

    Xanthic/Gold Fire Eel

    Has anyone seen one of these recently? Would love to own one.
  20. A

    Gymnothorax tile Care help ( FW snowflake eel)

    I came across this guy at my LFS and I just HAD to have him. Me myself, I love exotic freshwater fish. So this is my first attempt to go brakish. I would like to gather any info or tips I can about this eel. I do have a 55gal that’s empty I’m going to be turning into a brakish water aquarium for...