1. xenacanth9

    Strophidon sathete

    Before I get to the point, I just wanna say that this is my 1,000th message. Not particularly important or relevant, in fact, I don't even know why I mentioned it. Anyway, who here has kept Strophidon sathete, the giant slender moray, and what is your experience with them? Does anybody happen...
  2. xenacanth9

    Shortfin eels

    Anyone know where I could get my hands on some shortfin eels, Anguilla australis in the US? Only places I can find them is on AU-based sites, which I feel like would be crazy expensive to ship.
  3. xenacanth9

    Pond recommendations

    I'm setting up a ~1500G pond that I'm planning on adding fish to come summertime. Dimensions are approx. 10' long, 6.5' wide, and 3' deep, and I am planning on setting up a filter anywhere from 6000-9000GPH. This is my first real pond. Coldwater/temperate. I have some ideas, but wouldn't mind...
  4. xenacanth9

    Where to find this eel?

    This is the Bombay swamp eel, Ophichthys indicus. According to Wikipedia, they only reach about 3.3". That doesn't sound right. Has anyone ever kept these? Can anyone attest to this size? I find this species very fascinating, simply because most swamp eels reach absolutely massive sizes, and...
  5. xenacanth9

    Underrated Eels and Where to Find Them - PART II

    I posted this thread on a couple of cool Anguilla ("true" eel) species that are underappreciated in aquariums about a month ago. Well, here is a continuation. Please note that this thread does not include spiny eels, swamp eels, or any other fish that is commonly sold as an eel without actual...
  6. xenacanth9

    Does anyone here keep conger eels?

    Does anyone here have experience with conger eel species on the smaller side? Simple enough question, any advice?
  7. xenacanth9

    Pike Congers

    Does anyone have any info on Pike Congers or where to find them? I think they're sometimes seen at some Asian markets but are practically non-existent in the aquarium trade. Does anyone know where to find them live? Doesn't have to be an aquarium site, can literally be on a food site. Just as...
  8. xenacanth9

    Looking for fish

    Looking for Echidna rhodochilus in the US. Preferably under $50. Any size is fine but preferably 7-15". Is there any place you would recommend to find one? I live in Virginia.
  9. xenacanth9

    Where to find Congresox talabonoides?

    Interesting species, am looking for a live specimen. Little is known about their aquarium care. If anyone knows where to find one, please let me know
  10. S

    My Fire Eel Jumped!

    Hey everyone, Last night my fire eel jumped out of our 120 gallon! Ive had this fire for about 4 years now and he has never done this before. I thought the tank was safeguarded well but I guess not. Anyways, my tank is a little more than five feet tall. I literally have to get on a step ladder...
  11. B


    Hi! We bought an half-banded spiny eel and we are looking to buy a soft sand for our substrate. Thing is, we don’t know what brand/sand is better. There’s a lot of different opinions, some people say that aquarium sand is fine, others say you can buy pool sand and others say that playsand for...
  12. neko1

    help with forming community predator tank

    hello, first of all. Im i in the right forum subject? Second of all I got a 2 meter aquarium around 800liters so thats 211 gallon My fish right now are : 3x polypterus (orni/delhezi/senegalus) 5x silver dollars 2x bullhead catfish (idk why but they are so friendly) 1x rope fish I wanted to add...
  13. O

    stocking regarding Gymnothorax Polyuranodon or freshwater moray eel

    Hey guys! First post here :) So my 7ft is going up soon and I've been thinking about adding an eel to my stocking because I'm very interested in them and one has come up for sale in my area which is decently rare. I've been doing some research to try and make sure I know what I'm getting into...
  14. BillyMaysChickenWings

    New eel

    My new spiny eel. Sold as a peacock but looks more like a half-band. I wish he was more active, but eels will be eels I guess.
  15. S

    Fire Eel

    Hey guys, I have a fire eel now for about 2 plus years and he’s about 14-16 inches. Recently I moved the tank around and put a PVC pipe in there for him because I felt he was getting too big for his self made cave under some rocks I have. Recently I’ve noticed that he lays in there upside. At...
  16. A

    Half banded Spiny eels possible breeding??

    Hi everyone, new to this site. I have a 90 gallon fish tank currently with rope fish and half banded spiny eels and I am documenting all kinds of things I haven’t been able to see anywhere else online. I have noticed that my eels are starting to turn colors when they want, they almost...
  17. H

    mastacembelus congicus - congo eel, not feeding

    Hi guys I picked up one these guys, very seldom seen in the hobby apparently, I assume they are similar to other spiny eels care wise. I’ve had this guy about 2 weeks and I’ve yet to see him eat, he’s on his own in a quarantine tank, pvc pipes and some wood, filter wise he’s got two sponge...
  18. DeathStalker

    Eel - Injury Or Something Else?

    I just noticed this on my Tire Track Eel. On a human I would think Ringworm, but no, nothing has been added to the tank and yes, I do multiple water changes per week and test the water. Hoping it's just a slight injury. I know the Nitrate is slightly elevated, and I'm doing a water change...
  19. M

    Baby tire track eel

    hello all, please be gentle as i have only been into keeping fish for a year and a half now, but I accept any criticism along with welcoming it! about a month ago I acquired my baby two-inch tire track eel, its absolutely tiny and I can't help but worry about it. My fellow fish keepers say its...