electric blue lobster

  1. Blu TThe Blue Lobster

    Electric Blue Lobster + Classical Music = Relaxing to Watch

    This is Blu. I'm new to the MonsterFishKeepers community and wanted to show her off. My fish aren't "monsters" but I enjoy browsing the site looking at your tanks so thought I'd share mine. I have a 55G Community Tank of Glo & Black Skirt Tetras, Neon & Glowlight Tetras, Blue & Golden Ram...
  2. Blu TThe Blue Lobster

    Why did my self-cloning electric blue crayfish abort her brood?

    I am new to this community - Hello all. I have a question about my electric blue crayfish. I purchased my blue "lobster" from Petco several months ago. She was doing great and enjoying roaming the community tank until one day she started hiding a lot and stopped eating. (I now realize she had...
  3. P

    electric blue lobster/crayfish carrying eggs

    so i have an "electric blue lobster" that im fairly certain is just a crayfish (possibly a marbled crayfish but im not 100% sure) i have no other lobsters/crayfish in my tank, only a panda molly, and the crayfish appears to be male (again im not 100% sure since i cant see very well so i cant get...